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General Aviation Industry Park Project of Jilin City
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1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project Background

1.1.1 Planning of the park

The general aviation industry park is to make use of the resources of the domestic aviation industry and introduce the foreign technologies to put the emphasis on the development of headquarters base, general aviation business flight, general aviation FBO operation, MRO operation, flight training, aircraft exhibition center, aviation logistics, aviation exhibition and aviation rescue, etc. It will introduce the aircraft assembly and reconstruction, etc. and build the general aviation industry base with the great influences, strong competitivenss and multiple operations at home and abroad.

The industrial park of the project is planned to a closed area started from North Songjiang Road in the east to North Shuangxiang Road in the north, Jiuxi Road in the southeast and Changtu Railway in the southwest, covering an area of 38.4km2, including the military land area of 7.2km2 which cannot be used, the completed area of 4.7km2 and the usable land area of 26.5km2. In addition, the 8km2 land area reserved for the airport and aviation projects is planned in the north of the aviation industry park. The airport operating area, aviation manufacturing trade bearing area, enterprise hatching accumulation area, aviation logistic distributing area, public service matching area and comprehensive aviation service innovation demonstration base are built. The comparative advantages are made full use of to build the important international aviation logistic distributing center in the Norteast Asia; the domestic aircraft are actively popularized and used to build the domestic aircraft popularization operation demonstration base and lead the implementation of the national “basic aviation service plan”; the rising general aviation industry is developed to build the general aviation operation base integrating education and training, emergency rescue, medical aid and private flight experience, etc.; the matching land-air connected modern comprehensive transport system.

1.1.2 Market Prospects

(1) Present situation of the development of the general aviation industry

Our country owns 458 general aircraft, including 373 fixed-wing aircraft and 86 helicopters and 500 ultralight aircraft and aerial vehicles at present. Our country has 36 general aviation companies and about 50 aviation clubs and agricultural aviation stations, etc.  The total operation time of the general aviation is about 50000 hours, of which the industrial flight and the agricultural flight account for 50%, respectively, including the business flight of about 2000 hours. China has a big gap to other countries in the ownership of general aircraft and annual flight hours:







Quantity of general aircraft

0.24 million




General flight operation (10, 000 hours)





The Y5 aircraft of Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with the weight of about 1.5 tons and loading capacity of 12 persons, is the first multi-purpose aircraft produced by our country; Y11 and Y12 independently developed by Harbin Aircraft Industry Group are widely appied in the aerial photography, maritime surveillance, agriculture and forestry, geology, public affairs, quasi-military purpose and combat support, etc.; The Y12 planes have obtained certifications for the CAAC, FAA and JAA models. 106 of the planes have been exported to 22 countries and regions; N5A specially used for the agricultural and forestry operation developed and manufactured by Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has obtained the airworthiness certificate of CAAC. At present, the main institutions of our country engaged in the development of the light aircraft are mainly Nanjing University of Aerospace, Beihang University and Shijiazhuang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “Xiaoying 500” is the small multi-purpose aircraft jointly developed by AVIC II Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd., AVIC No. 1 Aircraft Design Institute and CAFUC. 16 of such type of aircraft were sold from the end of 2005 when it obtained the airworthiness certificate to the end of 2006. Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also independently developed a series of “dragonfly” aircraft such as W-5, W-5A, W -5B and W-6, etc.; Beihang has developed a series of “bee” aircraft from No. 1-5; Nanhang has developed a series of “Addie” aircraft such as AD-100 and AD-200, etc. and FT -300 amphibious tri-seat aircraft, etc. Nearly 40 AS-100S single-seat water planes, AD-100T paralleled double-seat planes and AD-100TS double-seat water planes developed by Nanhang and Xiamen Addie Light Aircraft Co., Ltd. have been produced and some have been sold to the US and Australia. AD-500 5-seat “air car” invested by Nanjing Light Aircraft Co., Ltd. and successfully developed by Nanjing University of Aerospace, the official/business aircraft has been in the favor of the insiders. In addition, the “Haiyan” light plane produced by Shenyang Zhongti Light Plane Co., Ltd., EV-97 two-seat ultralight plane jointly and successfully by GAIC and Czech EV Co., Ltd. and DA-20   two-seat all-composite-material light plane produced with the cooperation of Shandong Binzhou Dagao Air City and Austria Diamond Corp., etc. have laid a solid technical foundation for the rapid development of the light planes of our country.

(2) Forecasting of development of the general aviation industry

According to the experts’ forecasting, because the low airspace of our country will be opened and there will be less and less policy limits, the market of light planes will greatly grow. By 2020, China will have had 10,000 general planes and the annual general flight hours will have been gradually increased to 2 million flight hours and most of the hours will have been used for training of pilots, public affairs and tourism, etc. Calculated according to the average minimum 1 million yuan of each plane, the minimum volume in the market will be more than 10 billion yuan. In addition, the the training market for the flying instruction will be very big. At present, the ownership of small planes in China is less than 0.1% of that in the US. The use of the small planes to carry out the sightseeing tourism is another major market of the general aviation. A lot of companies in the aviation sector in the world forecast that China will become the second largest civil aviation market following the US in the world and the market volume of the general aviation and the industries promoted by it will be very big in the future 20 years.

1) Agricultural and forestry operation

According to the forecasting of the agricultural and forestry departments, there are 1/4 of more than 66.67 million hectares of barren mountains, wasteland and barren sand suitable to forest planting which are suitable to air seeding and afforestation. The cost of air seeding and afforestation is only 1/5 of that of the artificial afforestation. A plane can complete 0.1-0.2 million mu afforestation area by air seeding in a day, equal to the workload of about 1000-2000 laborers. In the current situation where great efforts are made to advocate the environmental protection and agricultural industrialization, the great potential of the general aviation should be seen. At present, the demand of the agricultural and forestry production for the general aviation is blooming day by day and the contradiction between the supply and the demand is prominent. There has been lack of 30-40 aircraft in the three provinces of Northeast China each year in the recent years; In Beijing where the agricultural aviation has been carried out well, the wheat area suitable to the aviation operation is about 2 million mu, but the area suitable to the aviation operation was only 0.8 million mu in 1997. The annual air seeding area in Shanxi is about 5 million mu and it is about 1.6 million mu in Hebei and all of them are just partially met.

2) Industrial market

The application of the general aviation in the industry is very wide, including the maritime and land oil logistic service, aviation magnetic survey, remote sensing, forest fire prevention, maritime anti-smuggling, aerogeophysical prospecting and aerial photography, etc. In order to meet the demands of the basic and previous work of the national economic construction, the aviation photography in the new technical conditions in the whole country will be carried out, the prospecting and development of various mineral resources, the construction of some reserve bases of oil and natural gas in the northwest and Xinjiang, etc. and the acceleration of the foreign cooperation of the offshore oil will promote the continuous expansion of the demands for aerial photography, aerogeophysical prospecting and land and maritime oil services, etc.

During the “11th Five-Year Plan”, our country has comprehensively carried out the aerial photography flight of the 1: 50000 topographical map; the department of geology and mineral resources has established the 2nd-generation aeromagnetic map that will be used in the 1:1000000 aeromagnetic surveys across the country under the new technical conditions; in 2010, the country carried out the construction of the reserve bases of oil and natural gas in Xinjiang, etc. The acceleration of the foreign cooperative development of the offshore oil will promote the continuous expansion of the demand for the land and maritime services. The hydropower construction will be transferred from the plain in the east to the mountainous region in the southwest where the terrain is strategically important and difficult to access, with the inconvenient traffic, so the helicopters can be used to carry out some construction work such as erecting and stringing, etc. of the powe transmission lines. In addition, the traffic in the west will be rapidly developed, the highways and railways will be chosen, the urban areas will be planned and the traffic will be managed, etc. All these will provide the broad market for the development of the general aviation. The aerial photographic area of China reaches 11.93 million km2 and the total length of the aerial photogrammetry line is 2587km. With the continuous development of some sciences and technologies such as GPS, high-altitude photography and computer graphics, etc., the use of aviation for remote sensing and aerial survey has been far more economical than the surface detection means. The national highways operating guidance map of the US can be renewed once within 20 days, which is benefited from the application of the aerial survey means. China is entering the traffic infrastructural construction in a large scale and the publishing period of maps cannot catch up with the construction time of highways. If the aerial survey technology is taken to resolve the complex geomorphological mapping problems, the contribution to the traffic department in the building of roads will be very remarkable every year. In the aerial monitoring flight, including the ocean monitoring, customs monitoring and monitoring of all the oil and gas pipelines and various cables, the efficiency of taking the multiple helicopters and gyroplanes is much higher than that of taking the artificial force, vehicles and ships, etc., so the general aviation has the irreplaceable advantages. In the forest fire prevention missions, the light plane equipped with the infrared induction system can easily find the fire point like a cigarette end and transmit the detailed information to the headquarters at the first time to win the time for firefighting. However, all these are blank in China.

3) Aviation tourism

Statistics show that the proportion of tourism in the international general aviation flight hours is about 58% every year, but it is only 3.8% in our country. Nandaihe cooperated with Tangshan Air Force Base to operate a Y-5 which made profits of about 0.6 million yuan in the tourist time in the summer in 1993; a four-seat water plane in Sichuan charges 300 yuan for the sightseeing flight for only 10 minutes every time; calculated according to its investment of 0.6 million yuan, all the investment will be recovered within 3 months; Heilongjiang General Aviation Co., Ltd. used Mi-8 for the air sightseeing flight above Taiyang Island, Harbin in 1996. It went on for 1 month, 213 sorties were carried out, loading 4903 person times and the income is 3.88 million yuan; in September, 1998, Shanghai Jiaoda Guofei Aviation Service Co., Ltd. used a Bell-212 helicopter to open two air sightseeing lines to Pudong and around Shanghai, the time was 15 minutes and 25 minutes, respectively and nearly a hundred passengers were received every day and the tickets sold out during the National Day Holidays. According to the incomplete statistics, there are about 10 air sightseeing projects in the key scenic tourist spots in the whole country and the average ticket price is 80 yuan/person time/10 minutes. The annual received person times of the national-level tourist spots are more than 1 million. If 1% of them buy the air sightseeing tickets, there will be 10000 person times, so there are the sufficient consumers; therefore, the direct benefits of the air sightseeing businesses are remarikable. With the protection of the ecological environment and the further development of the tourist resources taken into account, the adoption of the general planes in many places can not only save the land but also provide the rapid and comfortable transport services, so it should have the big market share.

4) Business flight

The business aviation is part of the general aviation. Because it has some advantages such as safety, time saving, high efficiency, flexibility and comfort, etc., it has become the most ideal travel mode in many fields such as economic construction, businesses and trade as well as administrative management, etc. According to the incomplete statistics, there were about 200 sorties of overseas business planes to China in 1996 and there were more than 1000 business planes taking off from Beijing Capital International Airport in 1997. There are nearly 17800 business planes in the world, of which 60% are in the US. The business planes of the US can take off and land in 3500 airports, which are 10 times the usable airports of the airliners. Estimated according to the fact that the national income of China is only 1% of that of the US, there should be 100 business planes in China. In addition, China is a big country, a large area is in the economically underdeveloped region, the current distribution of civil airports and density of flight can be far from meeting the demands. At present, there are only 139 airports for takeoff and landing of planes. The business aviation of China has been just started. There are only a few enterprises which prepare the business planes by themselves.

5) Emergency rescue market to be developed

The emergency rescue usually includes 24h emergency rescue service, national aviation rescue service, medical rescue transport service, rescue service entrusted by the businessmen at home and abroad, emergency traffic support and rescue operation training, etc. The emergency rescue belongs to the category of the personal insurance. It is said that AIA Group and China Ping’an Insurance Co., Ltd. issue the emergency rescue cards in the life insurance services. AIA has nearly 0.8 million customers in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, 5% of whom have the emergency rescue cards. In recent years, the foreign tourists to China, overseas Chinese returning to China for investment and sightseeing and the compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan coming to China have been increased year by year and they reached 72.79 million person times in 1999. The quantity of the domestic tourists to go abroad is more than 1 million person times/year and the quantity of the domestic tourists has also been more than 0.719 billion person times/year. If some of them buy the rescue cards, it can be seen that the market potential will be great. In addition, there have been more than 0.2 million highway transport accidents occurring every year, which have caused about 50000 persons to be dead and more than 0.1 million to be injured since 1990s. The organization of the general planes to transport the injured can win the precious time for curing them. Therefore, the social and economic benefits will be remarkable. Since the building of the Ward Building of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, the first domestic one with the helicopter apron was built, there have been about 20 hospitals using the helicopters to carry out the first aid of the patients and a lot of general aviation companies are actively carrying out the medical rescue.

6) New aviation sports and training market

The aviation sports can make people enjoy a lot the freedom of flying in the air like a bird. Such a sense of free flight has encouraged a lot of persons to win the driving license by examination for the aviation sports. In the foreign countries, it is quite common for individual persons to learn piloting and pilot the private planes. However, there are few people in Chnia engaged in it. The consumption concepts and recreations have changed with the social development. Just at the beginning of the reform and opening, it was only a driver to drive a car and it was almost impossible to buy a car to drive by oneself. 20 years later, people always talk about buying a car and it is fashionable to have a driving license. It has been a dream for people to “fly in the air”. When the safety coefficiency and expenses of flight reach the extent that people can accept, it has become the new hot spot of consumption to learn piloting. The development of the private planes can promote a great number of aviation sports fans to cultivate the pilots via the nongovernmental funds, which is greatly favorable to the development of the aviation undertaking of our country. A great number of aviation fans are trained to prepare for piloting the private planes and provide a great number of aviation reserved personnel, including pilots, air crew and maintenance crew, etc. Such a mode can also save a large amount of training expenses for the country.

7) Important short-distance passenger, cargo and mail transport market

At present, the transport market of the civil aviation of our country is mainly centralized in the courses between the medium-sized and large cities. There has been no market or a small market in a lot of small cities or some remote areas or areas with inconvenient traffic. It is the common method to take the general aviation mode to develop the market in the world. The international successful advanced experience can be taken for reference to the volume of business of the small airports and the remote airports, stimulate the development of the modern airspace management facilities, promote the economic development in the area with the underdeveloped transport and let more people enjoy the modern high-speed transport tools. The development of the short-distance passenger, cargo and mail transport market is an important field for the general aviation company to expand the operation. Our country has a big territory and the best approach to resolve the mail transport problemin more than 500 islands and in the west plateaus is the general aviation.

8) Multi-directional urban aviation service market

With the continuous rapid development of the economic construction of our country, the urban constructon has changed rapidly and the urban population has been highly increased. The sharp increasing of the urban population has brough about a lot of new problems and made the administrators of the big cities meet the new difficulties. The foreign economically developed countries make use of the helicopters to participate in the mangemetn of the urban security in order to strengthen the modern management of the cities, which has first opened the urban aviation service. The urban aviation service market mainly refers to the multi-directional and multi-angle air operation including public security execution, firefighting, aerial photography, news collection, traffic management, emergency rescue, live broadcasting and publicity, etc. In order to improve the rapid response capabilities of comprehensive prevention and control, public security, firefighting and customs, it is necessary to use planes and helicopters, which will not only provide a lot of market opportunities and space for existence and development for the general aviation but also present the higher requirements for the general aviation.

(3) Product target market and marketing strategy

1) Sales scheme

Provision of flight services: there are the high types of flight service items provided, mainly including loading of tourists (charged flight experience), aerial photography (urban planning), advertisement name sponsorship, flight training, rescue, police law enforcement, patrolling and monitoring, maritime monitoring, monitoring of fishing and flood periods, aerobatic flight, membership leisure and recreational flight, etc.

It includes the after-sale service of aircraft (including the maintenance and managed services). The before-sale and after-sale services of aircraft are mainly to build the aircraft technology support and service system.

2) Groups of target customers

There are mainly the following 6 groups of consumers:

Aircraft for flight training; aircraft for recreation of the aviation club; aircraft for the general aviation companies; special-purpose aircraft of the governmental organizations and institutions (such as air law enforcement, maritime monitoring, frontier patrolling and aviaton sports, etc.); business aircraft of enterprises bosses; individual aircraft for villa holidays and sightseeing

3) Marketing strategy

The target market of the project products is mainly aimed at the aircraft for training of pilots, enterprise businesses, flight clubs, air tourism and governmental air law enforcement, etc. to take the pertinent strategy and methods. In the market popularization, the strategy with the aviation science and technology exhibition as the starting point, the flight training as the basis and villa holidays and tourism as the key points should be carried out to take some methods such as signing the training contracts with the aviation academies, registration of the domestic flight clubs and building of the franchised operating points of the famous scenic and tourist spots, etc. In the recruitment of members and arrangement of activities, it is aimed at the urban new nobles and prominence is given to the fashionable and pioneering concepts in the publicity, the exhibition is laid in the high-trade consumption areas, the activities are jointly carried out with the medium-grade and high-grade communities and advertisements are made in some popular magazines, etc. In order to improve the social influences of the clubs and cultivate the market in the future, the teenagers’ aviation science and technology summer camps can be organized via the administrative department in charge of education to carry out the science and technology popularization activities. On the whole, the public relations and the advertisement propaganda will be combined to carry out the appropriate choice and comprehensive arrangement to establish the organic marketing packages and achieve the target market of the products.

1.1.3 Advantaged Conditions of Project Construction

(1) Policy conditions

In the Measures of Accelerating the development of the General Aviation of CAAC and during the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the country listed the aviation manufacturing industry as the priorities among the priorities. The country has definitely stipulated and laid the division of airspaces, matching management and reform measures and the space for the relevant policies has been obtained. All the departments of the urban area have attached great importance and made all the efforts to suppor the development of the general aviation industry.

(2) Location advantages

The public facilities and matching infrasturcure of the project area are complete. The water, power and gas supply is sufficient, which can meet the demands for production and life. The area has the sufficient water area, which is suitable to the takeoff and landing of the amphibious planes on the water.

(3) Personnel advantages

Jilin Aviation Maintenance Co., Ltd. (founded in 1958), the aviation maintenance and parts manufacturing enterprise, earliest built with the largest scalein the whole country at present has the Class 4C Ertaizi Airport; there is the aviation engineering school cultivating various maintenance personnel and engineering technicians for the local area and the military. Jilin Flight College of Civil Aviation University of China has been determined to be built in our city.

(4) Advantages of industrial foundation

Jilin City has developed the aviation industry earlier with the obvious advantages. Jilin Aviation Maintenance Co., Ltd. (founded in 1958), the aviation maintenance and parts manufacturing enterprise, earliest built with the largest scalein the whole country at present has the Class 4C Ertaizi Airport; there is the aviation engineering school cultivating various maintenance personnel and engineering technicians for the local area and the military. Jilin Flight College of Civil Aviation University of China has been determined to be built in our city. Jilin Northeast General Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. has invested 5 million Euros to acquire the technical transfer, production license and sales agency right of BESTOFF in the market of Chinese mainland; it produced 5-10 NYNJA planes in Jilin Province in 2013, ending the history of Jilin Province without manufacturing or assembly of a plane. The company is negotiating with the Vertical Aviation Technology, Inc about the sales agency and relevant items of a series of Hummingbird 4-seat and 5-seat helicopters. The company has the intention to negotiate and cooperate with some companies such as Cessna Aircraft Company, B&F Aircraft Company, Pipe Aircraft Company and Pilatus Aircraft Company, etc. The city has the good industrial foundation and complete specialties. In the industry, there are 15 trades which can be related to aviation, which completely has the capabilities of developing the aviation industry. The park is 12km from the core zone of the city, closely neighboring 2 national-level development zones, so all the functions of the city can be made full use of to serve it and the investment in a lot of matching projects of the aviation industry park can be reduced. In addition, because the matching radius is small, the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of the city can support the development of the aviation industry park, which can promote the development of the three industries, so the effects of reducing the cost, interaction and win-win can be achieved for the comprehensive aviation service innovation demonstration base.

1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction

The comparative advantages will be made full use of to build the important international aviation logistic distributing center in Northeast Asia; actively promote the use of the domestic planes, build the domestic plane popularization operation demonstration base and lead the implementation of the national “basic aviation service plan”; the rising general aviation industry is developed to build the general aviation operation base integrating education and training, emergency rescue, medical aid and private flight experience, etc.; the matching land-air connected modern comprehensive transport system, with the total building area of 500000m2.

1.3 Total Investment and Funds Raising of the Project

1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project (See Table 1 for details)

Table 1:          List of Total Investment Summary          Unit: 10,000 Yuan


Name of expense


Percentage to total investment%



Construction investment





Interest incurred in construction period



Capitalized interests


Working capital





Total investment of project1+2+3




Remarks: the “10,000 yuan” in the table is in RMB.

1.3.2 Funds Raising

The project is planned to apply for the bank loan of 1.8 billion yuan and the other funds will be self-raised by the project undertaker.

1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation

1.4.1 Major Financial Indexes

                List of Major Indexes for Financial Benefits Forecast







Operating income

10,000 yuan/a


Normal year


Total profits

10,000 yuan/a


Normal year


Financial internal rate of return of all investment



After income tax


Payoff period of all investment (after tax)




Including the construction period of 3 years



Profit rate of investment




Remarks: the “10,000 yuan” in the table is in RMB.

1.4.2 Social Evaluation

The general aviation service is the service industry with the high special and technical intensity and also the important value added service industry. The development of the general aviation industry will necessarily promote the rapid development of the maintenance service industry and a series of relevant new and high-tech industries of new materials, electronics, communication and energy sources, etc., cultivate a great number of special civil aviation personnel and the excellent pilots for the transport aviation companies and arrange 800 employments.

1.5 Ways of Cooperation

Sole investment or joint venture

1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party

Funds or other ways interviewed

1.7 Construction Site

Jilin General Aviation Industry Park

1.8 Progress of Project Construction

The previous preparation of the project is being carried out.

2. Introduction to Partner

2.1 Basic conditions

Name: Jilin Municipal People’s Government

Legal Address: 65 Songjiang Road, Jilin City

2.2 Overview

Jilin City, the second largest city of Jilin Province, China is the only city with the same name of its province, with the total area of 27120km2 and the total population of 4.5 million. Jilin City is a city full of honors and pride. The main titles that she has won include Famous Historical and Cultural City of China, Excellent Tourist City of China, National Park City, one of the Most Beautiful Cities, one of the Top 10 Famous Cities of China most worthy of being introduced to the world, one of the Top 10 Special Leisure Cities of China and one of the cities with the most competitiveness of China in the future 10 years, etc.

Jilin City, “Jilin Wula” in Manchu means the city along the river. When Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty inspected Northeast China and came to Jilin City, he wrote the Ship Song of Songhua River in which there was a sentence of “a lot of boats and ships anchored by Jilin City along the Songhua River”, so Jilin City is also called the “River City in the North”. Jilin City, with the forest coverage rate of 54.9%, is the first city winning the “national afforestation model city” in Northeast China. It is the cradle of the prehistoric culture and Chinese Manchu. Focusing on the development of the social undertakings, improvement of the living environment and quality and strengthening of the social support capabilities, etc., the city has made great efforts to carry out the people’s livelihood and benefit projects, built the complete modern educational system and medical and sanitary service system, perfected the urban infrastructural functions, achieved the more scientific and standard urban management, carried out the building activity of “Peaceful Jilin” and created the good social environment for people’s living and work in peace.

Jilin City, as one of the big cities of China, has won the favor of the businessmen at home and abroad and become the hot land for investment and opening companies for its rich natural resources, location advantages, sufficient human resources, strong industrial foundation, high-efficiency and good-quality service and broad development space. Rich natural resources: The water resources per capita of Jilin City are 4000m3, 1.8 times the average level of China and 5.4 times the average level of the cities in the north of China. The total installed capacity of power generation is 4.72 million KWH and the annual power generation is 13 billion KWH, accounting for 55.5% of the total power generation of Northeast China. The forest area is 1.65 million hectares and the total timber volume is 0.156 billion m3, so it is the main producing area and distributing center of the natural and green special products of Changbai Mountain. The farmland area is 0.665 million hectares, the annual output of grains is 9 billion jin and the grain occupation per capita is 2.6 times that of China, so it is one of the important commodity grain bases of China. In the city, 82 varieties of mineral resources have been found. The reserves of eight kinds of minerals such as nickel, molybdenum, etc. rank among the top 10 in China. Jilin City has the strong industrial foundation: It is the key old industrial base in the construction of the country during the “1st Five-Year Plan”. With the development for many years, especially the development in the reform and opening for more than 30 years, the traditional indusrial system of petrochemical engineering, automobile, metallurgy, energy sources, processing of agricultural products and nonmetallic minerals, etc. and the new industrial system of carbon fiber, equipment manufacturing, biological industry, foundamental electronics and electric power and electronics have been built. Jilin City has the obvious location advantages: It is located in the geographical center of Northeast China and the direct hinterland and important node of China Tumen River Regional Cooperation and Development Plan Program---Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Development and Opening Pilot Zone in December, 2009, connecting Shenyang in the south, Harbin in the north, Inner Mongolia in the west and North Korea in the east. Jilin Inland Port having been opened has achieved the “seamless connection” with Liaoning Dalian Port and the radiationg range includes not only Northeast China but also Chinese mainland, Japan, Russia and North Korea, etc. Jilin Longjjia International Airport, Jilin Airport to be started very soon, Changhun and Shenha Expressways, Changchun Interurban High-speed Railway, Shenha Complex Railway have established the 1-hour economic circle connecting the external counties (cities) and become the rapid and convenient 3D traffic network extending in all directions. Good investment environment: Jilin City builds the “service-type, efficient, legal ruling and credit” government, sets up the concepts of “favoring, comforting, supporting and enriching the businessmen” and builds the “0-distance, one-station and omni-directional green channel” system and tracking and contracted service system. Some modern service industries of business and trade, logistics, finance and insurance as well as information consultation, etc. of Jilin City have been rapidly developed, which has provided the favorable environment for investment and opening companies. As the important industrial base of Northeast China, Jilin City has 0.16 million prefessionals and 0.324 millon technical workers. In addition, there are 46 colleges and universities and 11 technical schools in the whole city. It can cultivate nearly 40000 scientific and technological experts and technical workers for society every year.

Jilin City, surrounded by mountains and green rivers and lakers, endowed with a lot of advantaged resources, is called a blessed and promised land and famous city of rime and meteorolites. The vast river water and forest entitle Jilin City with the distinct natural landscapes in the four seasons and unqiue tourist resources.

2.3. Contact Methods

Contact person: Liu Qingliang

Tel: 13844602718


Contact methods of the city/prefecture of the project:

Contact persons: Liu Aiguo

Tel: 0432-62026489

E-mail: 1103817842@qq.com

Website: www.jlszsw.gov.cn

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