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Strategic Emerging Industrial Park Project of ChaoyaChangchun Cityng District,
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1.Introduction to Project

1.1 Background of Project

1.1.1Introduction to Project

After the financial crisis and the rise of the global green economy, emerging industries become the key areas for countries to seize the economic growth point and improve the overall competitiveness. China is also actively taking measures to promote the development of strategic emerging industries. Industrial Park, as the main front to promote the development of industrial agglomeration, and it plays an important role in promoting the strategic development and growth of new industries. In the mid-1990s, on the basis of integrated park, professional park began to appear in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, so each city can rely on the professional park construction, accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries to seize the future industrial development commanding heights.

Relying on the profound industrial development base and scientific and technological human resources advantages of Changchun City, the project constructs strategic emerging industrial park in Chaoyang Economic Development Zone phase 4. It focuses on developing strategic emerging industries such as new materials, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, and high-end manufacturing, introducing some leading enterprises which contribute to building a strategic new industry. 

1.1.2 Market Analysis

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, especially under the background of slowdown of China's economic growth in recent years, the rapid development of strategic emerging industries plays an important role in adjusting the structure, stabilizing growth and improving international competitiveness . In 2015, the income of 27 key industries involved in strategic emerging industries reached 16.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 15.3% of total industry revenue, increased 3.4 percentage points compared with 2010. From 2010 to 2015, the income of strategic emerging industries of key industries grow 17.8% per year on average.

In the first half of this year, among the strategic emerging industries, the income from main business of 27 key industries has reached 8.6 trillion yuan, increased 11.6% and its growth rate is 8.5%, higher than the overall national industrial enterprises, 0.6% higher than the same period in 2015. The income from main business, such as software and information technology services, communications equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, information chemical manufacturing, lithium-ion battery manufacturing and photovoltaic equipment and components manufacturing industry, has achieved double-digit growth. Through preliminary forecast, this year, China's emerging industries still maintain a high growth rate, and growth will maintain double-digit growth levels. According to estimates, it is expected that the value added growth rate of strategic emerging industries will reach about 20% during the "13th Five-Year " period, about 3 times of the GDP growth rate over the same period.

1.1.3 Favorable Conditions for Project Construction

1Policy Advantage

In the current global background of increasingly fierce competition around energy, technology, talent, countries have introduced the relevant industrial policies in order to seize opportunities for the new round of economic and technological development to achieve their long-term sustainable development. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC congress passed suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on the formulation of national economic and social development plan in the 13th five-year period, which puts forward new requirements on the strategic emerging industries , clearly points out to turn the strategic emerging industries into a pilot and pillar industry, even the main force of economic development. This provides a strong policy guidance and development advantages for the development of strategic emerging industries.

2Basic Advantages of Industrial Development

As the most important automobile industry base, Changchun City has a huge vehicle production capacity for the automotive electronics industry to get a huge market demand, and a unique environment and foundation for the development of automotive electronics industry. In recent years, Changchun City automotive electronics industry has achieved rapid development, basically forming a general pattern with FAW Group as the main target market, Jilin University, FAW Technology Center and other universities and scientific research units for the technology engine, combining the automotive electronics industry in Changchun and the surrounding areas. Changchun, as the birthplace of China's optical technology, from the first five-year plan began, the state put Changchun as photoelectron R & D and production key city. Since the reform and opening-up, the ministries and commissions of the country have given strong support to Changchun in project construction, product development, and so on, which laid a solid foundation for Changchun photoelectric information industry.

3Location Advantage

The project is located in Chaoyang Economic Development Zone phase 4.  Changchun Chaoyang Economic Development Zone is located in the industrial axis in southwest of Changchun, adjacent to the Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone and Changchun Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It is the preferred place for China FAW Group to shorten the supporting radius, optimizing the auto parts procurement. The project has the favorable geographical location and convenient traffic conditions.

1.2 Construction Contents and Scale of Project

1.2.1Product Scheme and Scale

The strategic emerging industrial park mainly takes automotive electronics, photoelectric information industry, auto parts research and development, production as the core. Project planning covers an area of 1 square kilometers, construction area of 600,000 square meters.

1.2.2Construction Contents

The main constructions include factories, warehouses, laboratory buildings, office buildings and so on.

1.3 Total Investments and Funds Raising of Project

Total investments of project are 3 billion yuan. The total investment includes 2.1 billion yuan for construction Investment and 0.9 billion yuan for working capital.

Table 1Summary List of Total Investments of Project       Unit: 10,000 Yuan

Serial No.

Name of Expense

Investment Amount

Percentage to Total Investment



Construction Investment





Interest Incurred in Construction Period





Working Capital





Total Investments of Project1+2+3




1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation

1.4.1Major Financial Indicators

The project will remove real estate income, and the annual sales income will be 1 billion yuan and the profits will be 160 million yuan. The investment payback period will be 7 years (after tax, including the construction period of 1 year), and profit margin of investment is 16.7%.

Table 2: List of Major Indicators for Financial Benefits Forecast

Serial No.






Operating Income

10,000 Yuan/a


Normal Year


Total Profits

10,000 Yuan/a


Normal Year


Financial Internal Rate of Return of All Investments



After income tax


Financial Net Present ValueIc=10%

10,000 Yuan


After income tax

operation period of 12 years


Payback period of All Investments



Including construction period of one year

(after tax)


Profit Margin of Investment




Note: the "10,000 Yuan" in the table refers to RMB.

1.4.2 Social Evaluation

The implementation of this project adapts to the development plan of Changchun City, effectively promotes local economic development, provides jobs, and promotes the deep processing of our products technology progress, realizes industrial upgrading, optimizes the industrial structure and promotes local economic development.

1.5 Cooperative Way of Project

Sole proprietorship

1.6What-to-Be-Invested by Foreign Party

Technology and other methods can be Negotiated face to face.

1.7Construction Site of Project

Chaoyang Economic Development Zone phase 4

1.8Project Progress

In business invitation.

2. Introduction to Partner

2.1Basic Conditions

Project undertaker: Changchun Chaoyang Economic Development Zone Management Committee

Legal Address: 1199 Yumin Road, Chaoyang District, Changchun City

Legal Representative: Zhang Du (secretary and director of the Party Working Committee, Chaoyang Economic Development Zone )

2.2 Overview

Changchun Chaoyang Economic Development Zone is located in the southwest of Changchun City, it is the provincial development zone approved by the provincial government on November 29, 2002. The Development Zone is adjacent to China First Automobile Group and Changchun Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Planning area is 18.05 square kilometers, of which the first phase planning area is 5.05 square kilometers, second phase planning area is 13 square kilometers. The Development Zone gathered a large number of industrial enterprises with auto parts processing as the mainstay, forming a relatively large-scale enterprise cluster and distinctive industrial characteristics. At present, the Development Zone has 312 enterprises, of which there are 160 auto parts processing enterprises. Domestic enterprises have produced automobile parts, automobile muffler, brake system and other 13 categories of more than 4,000 varieties, providing supply for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

2.3 Contact Methods

Contact Methods of Project City (Prefecture)

Contact UnitChangchun City Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau

Contact PersonBo Zhanlin

Telephone0431-82763933  82765252



Website of City/Prefecturehttp://www.ccmbc.com/



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