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Three-dimensiona Parking Garage Construction Project of Songyuan City
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1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project Background

1.1.1 Product Introduction

Automatic vertical parking lot (garage) proposed to construct in this project refers to use a set of machinery and equipment and control system specially designed and developed to realize the entire parking facilities of automated vehicle parking in three-dimension. Automatic mechanical and vertical parking garage includes lane stacker parking equipment, vertical lifting parking equipment and plane mobile parking equipment, and other constructed mechanical parking garage. Except for these main equipment, full automatic mechanical vertical parking garage is equipped with guiding device for in and out the garage, traffic facilities in front of the entrance, control management center and ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, alarm equipment, power equipment, drainage equipment, fire equipment, power equipment, drainage equipment, fire equipment, safety facilities and devices of the entrance and exit, television monitoring system, charging equipment and other auxiliary facilities.

1.1.2 Market Prospect

The problem of nowhere to park vehicles is the result generated when city’s society, economy and transport develop to a certain extent. The development of three-dimensional parking equipment abroad, especially in Japan, has a history of nearly 30 to 40 years, and it has already succeeded whatever in technology or in experience. Our country also begins to research and develop mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment in the early 90’s, which is more than ten years of history. As the ratio of resident family and parking plot is 1 : 1 in many newly-built development, the three-dimensional mechanical parking equipment with its unique characteristics of small single average covering area has been accepted by the masses of users in order to solve the contradiction of parking covering area and commercial area for residents. Mechanical garage showed superiority in many ways, compared with the traditional natural underground garage. First of all, the mechanical garage has prominent advantages in land saving. Because previous underground garage requires to set aside enough traffic channel, a car will occupy an area of 40 square meters on average. While if double-layer mechanical garage is applied, it can make the utilization rate of the ground increased by 80% to 90%, and if multi-layer (21 layers) three-dimensional garage is applied on the ground, the land area of 50 square meters can park 40 cars, which can greatly save the limited land resources and save civil construction and development cost.

With the rapid development of automobile industry, construction industry and urbanization in China, large and medium cities have appeared phenomenon of parking problems and random parking. The contradiction is mainly shown in the contradiction between parking demand and parking space shortage and contradiction between parking space extension and urban land shortage. The main reasons why parking problem solving are often in a passive state have the following three aspects: vehicle parking time is longer than the driving time, which means most vehicles in the city are in parking state. It shall occupy a certain space in whichever forms of parking, which refers to space required by driving channel between parking plot and in and out of vehicle. While the area of such space is much larger than projected area of the vehicle itself. The space each vehicle requires to park is more than one place, as owner of the vehicle not only needs a certain parking area, but also needs to park during his driving period, and the parking place is more than one. Because of the above three aspects, the growth of the urban parking facilities often lag behind the growth of vehicles. Mechanical parking garage with its unique advantages of small covering area, flexibility and convenience, has drawn great attention of the government and all walks of life.

To develop and promote three-dimensional parking garage not only can alleviate contradiction of narrow road space in cities currently and reduce pollution, but also adapt to the needs of fast development of city, and cooperate with the municipal construction to drive the rise of a large number of the third industry. It may be said to have nothing but help us and provide favorable conditions for the city to further development. Mechanical parking equipment industry is the emerging industry in our country and is at the development stage. At present, there are about 100 enterprises to operate mechanical parking equipment in our country, among which, there are a few leading enterprise with certain scale. As the industry development is not balanced, there are very big development space.

1.1.3 Technical Analysis

Intelligent warehouse parking lot applies intelligent parking lot management system, which relies on high and new technology, people-oriented, and uses operation mode of graphical man-machine interface. It provides a more safe, comfortable, convenient, rapid and open intelligentization and information-based living space and promotes the healthy development of humanity environment. Mechanical and electrical equipment which adopts advanced technology and high automation organically combines with  the machinery, electronic computer and automatic control equipment and intelligent IC card technology, achieves offline operation through the intelligent programmatic guidance system, and provides the function of efficient management and service. It implements strict charge management system, which consists of display function of parking spot, security function, automatic brake function and system management. It has international advanced level to avoid the loss caused by human error.

1.1.4 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction

(1) Traffic conditions of regional resource

Ningjiang District, Songyuan City is located in the Midwest of Jilin province, located in the hinterland of Songnen Plain, the key position for economy in the northeast which Sun Yat-sen called it as “East Town”. It’s the only city in Songyuan City, and the center of politics, economy and culture in Songyuan City. It covers an area of 1313 square kilometers, with five towns, 17 streets, and a population of 530000. The GDP in Songyuan City reached 60.7 billion yuan in 2007, the full-caliber fiscal revenue was 6.5 billion yuan, and the comprehensive economic strength ranked the third in the whole province. Ningjiang District. Songyuan City is located in the hinterland of Songliao plain with abundant resources, the home of Jilin oil field. And it faces Daqing oil field, known as “oil city, barn, meatpacking, and fisherman’s village”. Oil reserves currently proven is 1.246 billion tons, and gas reserves is 82.6 billion cubic meters. Within 100 km radius, the annual oil output is 6 million tons, and the natural gas is 100 million cubic meters. Ningjiang District is situated on the junction of three provinces, Jilin, Heilongjiang, and Inner Mongolia, located in the middle of Chang-Ha economic belt, which is only one of the central urban agglomeration planned by Jilin province, but also the neighbor to Heilongjiang- Hadaqi industrial economic corridor. In terms of location, if as the center of Songyuan and draw a circle with 200 km as the radius, Songyuan has become the important transport hub and logistics center to connect three provinces in the northeast, and 8 cities and 14 counties in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and its radiation population is over 31 million. There are 5 railways and 6 provincial trunk roads passing through the territory. It takes 120 minutes from  the downtown to Changchun or to Harbin Airport. It has good location advantage and abundant resources. By the end of 2010, the total mileage of road in the whole city is  11490 kilometers, and the motor inventory is 390000.

(2) Meeting the development planning of Songyuan city

In accordance with the Outline of Overall Plan for Songyuan City (2011-2030), on condition of leading construction development of Songyuan City with scientific development concept, adhere to the urban planning and construction of the concept of “people-oriented”, it sets aside large urban ecological space on the development to make the city have more natural style, and . At the same time, pay attention to development and coordination relations between the city and Changji, as well as city town concentration district in the eastern China. Connect cities through more systematic and scientific planning in aspect of transport to make beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, urban landscape with national characteristics attract leisure crowd in Changchun, Jilin, Harbin and other surrounding cities. It effectively promotes the development of the third industry in the city, widens the urban framework, improves the grade of the city, perfect the urban functions, and build a city with ecological characteristics.

1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction

1.2.1 Product Scheme and Scale

Through field survey on public parking line highlighted in contradiction of busy business circle and parking in Songyuan City, we make planning to apply mechanical vertical parking garage, which could at least build 5000 parking lots in 16 plots and greatly ease the parking problems of static traffic .

1.2.2 Construction Content

The project covers an area of 1000 square meters, with construction area of 6000 square meters, and 5000 sets of equipment purchase.

1.3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising

1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project (see Table 1)

Table 1:   Summary Table of Total Investment of the Project    Unit: RMB10,000


Expense Name

Amount of Investment

Proportion of Total Investment %



Constructional engineering





Equipment procurement





Engineering installation





Other expense and budget reserve





Working capital





Total investment of the project




1.3.2 Capital Raising

Funds required by the project are self-raised by enterprises,

1.4 Economic Benefit and Social Benefit Prediction

1.4.1 Main Economic Benefit Indicators Prediction (see table 2)

Table 2:   List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits







Operation income



Normal year


Total profit



Normal year


Financial internal return rate of investment





Period for recovery of all investments (after tax)



Including 1 years of construction period

1.4.2 Social Benefit Evaluation

As to solve the static traffic problems in Songyuan City, full automatic mechanical vertical parking garage are planned scientifically, save land resource, use conveniently and reasonably. And it can greatly ease the static traffic to have high social benefits.

(1) It gives full play to the manufacturing advantages of old industrial base in the northeast in the city, to achieve industrial upgrading. The project of automation mechanical parking garage belongs to mechanical and electrical integration product with outstanding of development scale effects, machinery deepening processing with strong promotion and labor intensive, conforms to the purpose of accelerating revitalization of mechanical manufacturing industry, and achieving the goal of old industrial base upgrading in the northeast.

(2) Save land. Land price in busy business center has been very high. Mechanical vertical parking garage could save land and use space at maximum, which is a effective means to solve the tension of urban land use, and to alleviate parking problems. Vertical parking will be the main direction of parking development in the next few years. The manufacture and construction of mechanical vertical parking garage contain business opportunities, and it’s also the key point to develop operator investment.

(3) It can drive consumption nearby. A large and convenient parking lot could not only attract wealth for merchants, but also drive prosperity of business circle around the parking lot.

It’s clear that the development of project introduction plays an enormous role in driving economic development in our district.

1.5 Cooperative Ways of the Project

Sole proprietorship, other methods can be discussed in person.

1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party

Capital, foreign investment accounts for 100%, other methods can be discussed in person.

1.7 Construction Site of the Project

Ningjiang District, Songyuan City

1.8 The On-going Condition of Project

Project proposal has been completed

2 About cooperative party

2.1 Basic Conditions

Name: Yadahong Industrial Concentration District, Ninjiang District, Songyuan City, Jilin Province

Address: Ningjiang District, Songyuan City, Jilin Province

2.2 Overview

Yadahong Industrial Concentration District was established with approval of People’s Government of Songyuan in June 2003, and promoted to provincial industrial concentration district in September 2005. The total planning area is 28.2 square kilometers, the starting district has completed infrastructure investment of 100 million Yuan, hardening pavement of 30 kilometers, building water supply and drainage facilities of 34 kilometers, electric transmission and transformation of 18 kilometers, and installed program-controlled telephone lines and broadband network lines with capacity of 2000. Each infrastructure is complete, and it achieves the standard of “seven connections and one leveling”. Since the construction of the area, adhere to the policy of “ high starting point planning, high-standard construction, high quality service, efficient management”, and insist on the concept of “the most liberal ideas, the most preferential policy, the most flexible mechanism, the most rapid growth”. Base on development ideas of establishing complete function, industrial concentration district and outstanding features in accordance with the policy of “unified planning, implementation step by step and rolling development”. It’s dominated by oil field supporting industries, focuses on four major pillar industries: mechanical processing, oil and chemical, biological pharmacy, new building materials, create first-class industrial concentration district, and enhance the core competitiveness of regional economy. After development and construction for years, Yadahong Industrial Concentration District has become the key carrier for  project development and investment promotion and capital introduction in Ningjiang District, become the platform to promote various private enterprises in the whole district gathering, and become the new economic growth point with the most potential. Yadahong Industrial Concentration District applies relatively closed-off management, and implement one window to undertake, one-stop to work, one package follow-up service, one project undertaking “the whole service system” and “agent system” of the whole process; for key projects and major enterprise introduced in, it shall implement leader packages and listing protection; stand still in “close to businessmen, pacify businessmen and enrich businessmen” with “zero barrier, low cost, and high benefit” as the principle. Attract a large number of merchants to make investment and development and draw attention of numerous talents to establish businesses with its unique charm, abundant strength and huge potential. Characteristic industrial concentration district with oil supporting as its leading industry has begun to take shape, and it’s listed as characteristic park to focus on development in “11th 5-years plan” of Jilin Province by provincial government.

Yadahong Industrial Concentration District has drove into the fast traffic lane for comprehensive and healthy development. With full enthusiasm, good environment and favorable investment conditions, it’s welcoming all people of insight from various places to make investment and establish business here, then seek common development and create prosperity.

2.3 Contact Method

Contact Unit: Yadahong Industrial Concentration District, Ninjiang District, Songyuan City

Contact Person: Liu Xin

Tel: 0438-3183311      

Fax: 0438-3183388


Contact Person of Project City (Prefecture):

Contact Unit: Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau

Contact Person: Han Baidong

Tel: 0438-2706617   13514384757

Fax: 0438-2706617

E-mail: 870550387@qq.com

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