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Three-dimensiona Parking Garage Construction Project of Songyuan City  2016-11-29
Zhengguo Health Maintenance Valley Nursing Real Estate Cooperative Development Project of Tonghua City  2016-11-29
Luotong Mountain Health Wellness Industry Project of Tonghua City  2016-11-29
Town of Pecan in Changbai Mountain China Construcof Tonghua Citytion Project  2016-11-29
Carbon Fiber Industrial Park Project of Liaoyuan City  2016-11-29
Civil and Military Airport Construction Project of Siping City  2016-11-29
Circular Economy Demonstration Zone Rural Land Purchase and Reserving Project of Siping City  2016-11-29
2 Million Tons/Year Raw Coal Mining Project of Shuof Jilin CityiQuLiu Coal Field  2016-11-29
Pihe Pumped Storage Power Station Construction Project of Jilin City  2016-11-29
General Aviation Industry Park Project of Jilin City  2016-11-29
Tractor Factory Cultural Creative Industrial Park Project of Changchun City  2016-11-29
Reconstruction in Old Town District Yingjun Town Erof Changchun City’dao District, Project  2016-11-29
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