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50,000 Tons/Year Poly-Lactic Acid Fiber Project of Changchun City  2017-03-23
Cow Leather Wet Blue Leather Deep Processing Project of Changchun City  2017-03-23
400,000 Sets/Year Fishing Tackle Series Products Project of Meihekou City  2017-03-23
100,000 Tons/Year Vinegar Grade Fiber Pulp Project of Yanbian Prefecture  2017-03-23
4 Million Cultivated and Slaughtered Pigs Pigskin Lpastoral Group Project of Baicheng Cityeather Production By Truein Agro-  2017-03-23
1 Million Tons Pulp Paper Integration Project of Baicheng City  2017-03-23
500,000 Pieces/Year Medical Stone Ceramic Healthof Baishan City-care Cups Project  2017-03-23
200,000 Pieces/Year Colored Pottery Artwares Project of Baishan City  2017-03-23
Diatomite Inorganic Antibacterial Material Project of Baishan City  2017-03-23
Diatomite Load Composite Phase Change Material Project of Baishan City  2017-03-23
200,000 Pieces/Year Songhua Stone, Pecan Crafts Project of Tonghua City  2017-03-23
300 Tons/Year Carbon Fiber Felt, 1.5 Millioof Liaoyuan Cityn Meters of Carbon Fiber Prepreg Cloth Project  2017-03-23
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