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Carbon Fiber Material Processing Park Project of Tonghua City  2017-03-27
Imported Commodities Exhibition Area Project of Tonghua  2017-03-27
Automobile Accessory Machining Trade Base Project of Tonghua City  2017-03-27
Clothing Trade Electronic Platform Project of Tonghua City  2017-03-27
Railway Container Station and Meiji Line Reconstruction Project Construction Project of Tonghua City  2017-03-27
International Inland Port Affairs Zone Bonded Logistic Center (Type B) of Tonghua City  2017-03-27
6 Million Pieces/Year ITO Conductive Glass Project of Baicheng City  2016-03-24
700t/d Low Exposure Coating Float Glass Project of Baicheng City  2016-03-24
300,000 m2/Year Decorative Stone of Ultra-thin and Natural Songhua Stone Project of Baishan City  2016-03-24
Waste Diatomite Dressing and Diatom Ooze Integration Project of Baishan City  2016-03-24
10,000 Tons/Year Continuous Basalt Fiber and Its Products Project  2016-03-24
Basalt Ultrafine Fiber (Scale) Multi-Field Comprehensive Development and Utilization Project of Tonghua City  2016-03-24
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