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Wildlife Zoo Construction Project of Changbai Mountain
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1. Introduction to the Project

1.1 Project Background

1.1.1 Project Introduction

Located in Chibei District, this project enjoys rich natural resources and abundant species of plants and animals in Changbai Mountain. And it is hoped that wild animals will be conserved at the same time to make tourists feel the thrills of getting close to wild animals and watch the unique style of wildlife in the way of loose housing and exhibition in centers, so as to fill the gaps in tourism projects in Changbai Mountain, and promote the development of potential tourism market.

1.1.2 Market Prospect

The origin of the zoo dates back to 2300 BC. Animals belonged to the upper-class plaything and the royal aristocrats kept the animals collected from all over the world in cages for viewing at any time. The earliest concept of modern zoo was from the early 19th century, and the early zoo was defined as "animal research park." The animals were visited in fixed permanent cages and the first stocking-type zoo was introduced in 1907. The zoo was designed to give the animals as much freedom as possible and to make visitors feel that there is no difference of enjoying animals between in zoos and in the wild.

(1) Development of Wildlife Park

The development of human industrial civilization and urbanization destructed the wildlife survival environment and forced many species to the verge of extinction. So people begin to think more about the protection of the natural environment, and the awareness of being kind to animals is enhanced, thus changing the zoos.  Outstanding zoos strengthened to cooperate with each other to improve the living conditions of animals and to better carry out popular science education. Above all, the zoos started to protect animals in their natural habitats. As there are more and more achievements in wild animal research and more and more scientific seminars, the exchange between personnel and information between zoos around the world is becoming more and more frequent. The rapid development of science and medicine has also brought good recipes about health care and scientific nutrition to animals. Animal breeding is more successful and the living environment is better than before.

Nowadays, wildlife parks have developed into wildlife protection centers, and the zoos have adopted an immersive exhibition hall in the way of exhibition so that zoo visitors can integrate into the animal environmental atmosphere. The theme of all zoos is the natural environment with original ecology, which is aimed at the sustainable development of mankind and nature, protection of the original ecological environment in practice concerning zoos, and work with other conservation organizations in the world zoo network. The emphasis is on perfection and preservation of species. Therefore, people is better able to maintain and improve the ecological balance of the earth, truly unite nature, animals and people, and create a place where humans and nature, and humans and animals can enjoy cordial exchanges.

(2) Prospect Forecasting of Wildlife Park Project

With the development of ecotourism in our country, the connotation of ecotourism is expanding constantly. In this situation, the wildlife park industry has also been continuously developed. Our country is a country rich in biodiversity with rich animal resources, diverse landscape types and a huge population base, which have favorable conditions for the development of the wildlife park industry.

Since 90s of the 20th century, our country's wildlife park industry has been developed very rapidly with a large number of wildlife zoos and special zoos with distinctive local features and era features. The development and construction of these wildlife parks not only provide urban residents with new tourism and leisure areas and popular science opportunities, but also open up new avenues for tourism development in areas where theses parks are located. According to the current development, although there is a certain amount of wildlife parks in our country, they are still in their infancy. Due to the particularity of selected locations of wildlife parks, wildlife parks, as important places for species protection, require that parks must have natural attribute. In contrast to urban zoos, wildlife parks emphasize the characteristics of natural habitats because of the specific relationship that wildlife have with the living environment during the long-term evolution of wildlife. Even when a wildlife park is constructed based on a destroyed habitat, it is also required to try to restore its natural landscape to meet the needs of animals for natural life.

With a large variety of flora and fauna, the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve where the projected is located in is the most representative and typical natural complex in the northern half of Eurasia and is a rare "gene pool" and "natural museum" in the world. According to statistics, there are more than 1,800 species of higher plants, more than 50 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, 50 species of fish and 1,000 species of insects. Enjoying the temperate continental mountain climate affected by the monsoon, the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve has obvious vertical climate change except for general mountain climate characteristics. The general feature is that the winter is long and biting; the summer is transient, warm and cool; the spring is dry and blowy and the autumn is cool and foggy. The Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve and the average annual temperature of -7℃ to 3℃ and the average July temperature not more than 10℃. The annual precipitation is between 700 and 1400 mm. The precipitation during June to September accounts for 60% to 70% of annual precipitation. The main peak of Changbai Mountain is mainly featured with foggy, windy and low pressure in climate. With the unique natural resource conditions of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve and the rapid development of tourism industry in Jilin Province, the project is aimed to create an integrated wildlife park integrating scientific research and scientific popularization, parent-child entertainment, plant and animal breeding and protection, leisure and vacation. There is no similar wildlife park project in the area where Changbai Mountain is located, so the completion of this project can fill the gap in this market segment and the prospect is very optimistic.

1.1.3 Advantageous Conditions of Project Construction

(1) Policy Advantage

In the National Special Plan- the “13th Five-Year” Plan for Ecological Environment Protection, it is clearly pointed out that it is required to protect biological diversity, carry out background investigation and observation of biological diversity, implement the rescue and conservation of endangered wild animals and plants, enhance biological inheritance resources conservation, construct a middle- and long- term preservation reservoir (nursery) for medicinal plant resources, crop germplasm resources, wild flower germplasm resources, forest germplasm resources, and rationally plan and construct botanical gardens, zoos and wildlife breeding centers.

The Department of Forestry of Jilin Province attaches great importance to the construction of the Changbai Mountain Northeast Asian Wildlife Park and has formulated a series of relevant policies to attract investment. The department is responsible for the use of forestland and for the handling of procedures concerning the introduction, domestication, breeding and performance of wild animals, and is also responsible for providing some rare wild animals, and providing technical supports in animal domestication and introduction of provenances, and so on.

In the Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development in Jilin Province, it is proposed to improve the tourism product system, and create a "Changbai Mountain" brand, promote the construction of key tourist cities and towns around Changbai Mountain, and promote the integration of tourism development in the Changbaibai Mountain. It is also proposed to step up tourism marketing and promote tourism products such as snow, fog, hot springs, folklore and culture, and create a number of excellent tourist routes, so as to mainly promote and support the construction of tourist industry clusters and eco-leisure tourist towns.

(2) Resource Advantages

Biological resources advantage: with rich natural resources and rich flora and fauna, the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area is the most representative and typical natural complex in the northern half of Eurasia and is a rare "gene pool" and "natural museum" in the world. According to statistics, there are more than 1,800 species of higher plants, more than 50 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, 50 species of fish and 1,000 species of insects.

(3) Transportation Advantages of Location

Changbai Mountain is 550 kilometers away from Changchun City, capital of Jilin Province, 210 kilometers away from Yanji City, Yanbian Prefecture and 150 kilometers away from Antu County, Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture. The traffic to outside places has become more and more convenient. For example, existing railways are connected to Chixi District and Chibei District and State Road 201 is connected to Chixi District and Chibei District, and Provincial Road 302 is connected to Chixi District. In addition, it will be more convenient for the Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone in contacting other places with the completion of the Changbai Mountain Tourism Airport and the completion of freeways from Changbai City to Chixi District, and from Yanji to Chibei district. Based on diverse modes of transportation with available land and air transportation, Changbai Mountain enjoys convenient transportation and obvious location advantages.

1.2 Content and Scale of Project Construction

1.2.1 Scheme and Scale of Project Construction

The project plans to cover an area of 20 square kilometers.

1.2.2 Content of Project Construction

This project, in layout, is divided into a pedestrian visiting area, a driving visiting area, an animal protection area and comprehensive service areas distributed throughout. “Where is a magical animal” is not also a rare animal viewing tours, but also a natural ecological corridor. “Love to Changbai Mountain” is an interactive experience activity between humans and wild deer. “Crazy Animal City” is a viewing area for beast activities. “Animal School” is an animal science museum. “Wild Square” is an evacuation square at the entrance to the park. “Characteristic Cultural Villages” are a number of tourist service stations themed by the local culture in Changbai Mountain within the park.

1.3 Total Investment of the Project and Capital Raising

1.3.1 Total Investment of the Project

The total investment of the project is 1 billion Yuan, including construction investment of 800 million Yuan.

Table 1: Summary Table of Total Investment of the Project  Unit: RMB10,000 Yuan


Expense Name

Amount of Investment

Proportion of Total Investment %



Construction investment





Interest incurred in construction period





Working capital





Total investment of the project (1+2+3)




1.3.2 Financing

Self-raised by the enterprise.

1.4 Financial Analysis and Social Evaluation

1.4.1 Main Financial Indexes

After the completion of the project, the annual sales income will be 810 million Yuan and the profit will be 200 million Yuan. The investment recovery period will be 6 years (after tax and including construction period of one year) and the profit rate of investment will be 20%.

After the completion of the project, the annual operation revenue is 810 million Yuan, and profit is 200 million Yuan. The payback period is 6 years (after taxes, including construction period of 1 year), and return on investment is 20%.

Table 2: List of Major Indexes for Forecast of Economic Benefits 







Sales income

10,000 yuan/a


Normal year


Total profit

10,000 yuan/a


Normal year


FIRR of all investments



After income tax


FNPV (Ic=10%)

10,000 yuan


After income tax


Period for recovery of all investments (after tax)



Including 1 year of construction period


Rate of return on investment



After income tax

Note: the "10,000 Yuan" in the table refers to RMB.

1.4.2 Social Evaluation

The completion of the project will be conducive to extending the tourism industry chain in Changbai Mountain, promoting industrial upgrading, and enriching tourism resources in the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area. In addition, this project can share tourists with attractions within the scenic area, attract more tourists and help local Industry cultivation, promoting the overall development of tourism in Jilin Province, so it has good social benefits.

1.5 Cooperative Ways

Joint venture, cooperation, other methods can be discussed in person.

1.6 What to be Invested by Foreign Party

Capital, other methods can be discussed in person.

1.7 Construction Site of the Project

Chibei District.

1.8 The On-going Condition of Project

The cooperation proposal has been prepared.

2. Introduction to Partner

2.1 Basic Conditions

Name: Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee of Jilin Province

Address: Chibei District, Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone, Jilin Province

2.2 Overview

The Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee of Jilin Province (referred to as "Changbai Mountain Management Committee") is an agency of Jilin Provincial Government, who implements “integrated planning, integrated protection, integrated development and integrated management” to economic and social administrative affairs and natural resources in 3278 square kilometers on behalf of the Provincial Government. There are three county-level tourist economic zones, Chibei, Chixi and Chinan, under the Changbai Mountain Management Committee.

Changbai Mountain Airport has opened 18 routes, including routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao and Changchun, and many international routes, such as routes to Seoul and Hong Kong, will also be opened one after another. Two highways leading to Changbai Mountain have been opened and one is under construction. The high-speed railway leading to Changbai Mountain was started to construct in August 2017. The fast and smooth transportation network provides a strong impetus for tourism investment and industrial development of Changbai Mountain.

3 Contact Method:

Address: China Merchants of Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone Management Committee of Jilin Province

Postal Code: 133613

Contact Person: Liu Yi 

Tel: 0433-5710078

Fax: 0433-5710078


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