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Jilin Province Automobile Electroplating Industrial Park Project of Lingdong Industrial Concentration Zone of Gongzhuling City  2017-09-20
Environment-Friendly Automobile Parts Production Projectof Gongzhuling City  2017-09-20
2 Million Pieces/Year Aluminium Alloy Car Hubs Project of Baicheng City  2017-09-20
Automobile Die Casing Production Project of Baicheng City  2017-09-20
50,000 Sets/Year Electric Vehicles Project of Baicheng City  2017-09-20
Automobile Automatic Control System Accessories Production Project of Songyuan City  2017-09-20
100,000 Pieces (Sets) /Year Automobile Components and Parts Production Project of Songyuan City  2017-09-20
3 Million/Year Basalt Fiber Automobile Bumpers Project of Baishan City  2017-09-20
1 Million Sets/Year Magnesium Alloy Automobile Engine Parts Project of Baishan City  2017-09-20
12 Million Pieces/Year White Carbon Black Tires Project of Tonghua City  2017-09-20
Automobile Brake System Accessories Production and Manufacturing Project of Liaoyuan City  2017-09-20
Multifunctional New-energy Cleaning Vehicle Project of Liaoyuan City  2017-09-20
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