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The Approval of Adding New Stores of the Foreign-invested Commercial Enterprise
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Summary Information of Process

Name of process or project

The approval of adding new stores of the foreign-invested commercial enterprise

Code of process or project



Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau

Project types

Approval with a preceded examination

Legal references for examination-approval and charge

1, Measures for The Administration on Foreign Investment in Commercial Fields(the Ministry of Commerce Decree No. 8 Order [2004]).

Requirements for declaration

1, 1Conform to urban development planning;(2The joint annual examination of the foreign enterprise is qualifiedand the registered capital is paid.

Procedure of examination and approval

1Office of examination and approval’s acceptance;2The agent gives the preliminary examination opinions;3The director of office of examination and approval signs in the approval document;4Numbering and affixing a seal;5Office of examination and approval makes a public notification.

Contents of materials for declaration

1Applications;(2Contracts and articles;(3Feasibility study report;(4Resolutions of the board of directors;(5Audit report;(6Capital verification report;(7Certificate of the investor;(8Certificate of land use or rental agreement;9Documents that conform to city networks planning

Time limit for commitment

Thirty days

Charging standard

0 yuan (Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau)

Quantity limit

No limit

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