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Issuing the Certificate of Importing and Updating Equipments, Technology and Components of the Foreign-invested Enterprise
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Summary Information of Process

Name of process or project

Issuing the certificate of importing and updating equipment, technology and components of the foreign-invested enterprise

Code of process for project



Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau

Project types

Approval with a preceded examination

Rules for reference on examination-approval and charge

1、 Taxation Bureau [1999]No.791 Circular of the General Administration of Customs on Taxation Policy for Further Encouraging Foreign Investment

Requirements for declaration

Procedure of examination and approval

1       Office of examination and approval’s acceptance and preliminary examination

2       Issue the approval document and print the certificate of approval

3       Office of examination and approval makes a public notification.

Contents of materials for declaration

1.       (1) Application materials of department of preliminary examination

2.       (2) Application materials of enterprises

3.       (3) Copy of the certificate of approval of enterprises, copy of the valid business license, copy    of the capital verification report, copy of the certificate of customs registration;

4.       (4) The certificate of self-owned capital issued by accounting firm

5.       (5) List of imported equipment and accessories (in triplicate).

Time limit for commitment

Three days

Charging standard

0 yuan (Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau)

Quantity limit

No limit

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