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Mode of Cooperation
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I. Participating in the reorganization of state enterprises in Jilin Province and the disposal of bad assets through holding shares, buying shares, acquisition, unification, renting, and entrustment.

II. Participating in the building of automobiles and spare parts base, petroleum and chemical industrial base, base for processing of agricultural produce, modern Chinese medicine and biopharmaceuticals base, and optical information industry base and the building of such characteristic industries as energy, metallurgy, new building materials, textile, and tourism through setting up joint ventures, and sole enterprises.

III. Participating in the construction of such important infrastructure as highway, railway, airport, power plant, water works and the construction of such public infrastructure as gas supply system, public heating, water supply and sewage, and environmental protection.

IV. Participating in the development of tourism in Jilin Province. There are rich tourism resources in Jilin Province, among which are Changbaishan Mountain, one of the ten famous mountains in China, Jilin soft rime, one of the four wonders of China, the world heritage of Ji’an Korean histroric relics, and the Film Theme Park “Changchun Motion Picture Century Garden”are underway.

V. Foreign banks can set up branches in Jilin Province, China, or buy shares of medium or small banks. Foreign insurance companies can also set up subsidiary branch offices. Efforts are welcome for listing enterprises in Jilin Province on Hongkong Stock Market.

VI. Strengthening communication between and cooperation of brain talents. Jilin Province is in a great demand for talents in financial management, business management, foreign trade, and international law. There is also need for top management and training for technicians.

VII. Licensed foreign trade firms, including wholesale enterprises and retailers, can set up joint ventures or sole enterprises in Jilin Provinces and specialize in export and import.

VIII. Participating in Changbaishan Jingyu Mineral Spring Project; Participating in Geothermal, Solar energy, and Biological Regeneration Project; and Participating in Jilin Province educational, cultural and public health projects.

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