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What are Needed for Granting Projects
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1. Project name, period of operation, the introduction to the investor.

2. Construction scale, main tasks and products, the techniques and technology, prospective markets, the number of staff

3. Construction site, the demand for land, water, and energy, and the consumption of main resources

4. Assessment of the influence on the environment

5. the cost of public goods and service

6. the total investment of the project, registered capital, and capital contribution from various parties, formation of capital contribution, ways of fund raising, equipment to be imported and the price

If the project proposal has to be submitted to the Development and Reform Commission, also should be attached the following papers:

1. The registration of the investors both home and abroad (business licenses), business registration certificate and the newest audited annual account (including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement), credit certification from the deposit bank.

2. Letter of interest, the board’s Announcement of capital increase and acquisition of the project

3. Financing letter of intent from the bank

4. Assessment of influence on the environment from Provincial or State Environmental Protection Authority

5. Site selection approval from the Provincial Planning Bureau

6. Approval for land use from the Provincial or State Land Resources Management

7. An approval has to be provided for national capital or land use as investment

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