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AQSIQ Jilin Boosts the Construction of Hunchun International Cooperation Demonstration Zone
2013/10/25     Source:

On October 22, the press conference that AQSIQ Jilin boosts the construction of China Tumen River Area (Hunchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone was held. AQSIQ Jilin will further make innovation in the regulatory approach, deepen service measures, promote regional trade facilitation and boosts the development of the demonstration zone.

Since the implementation of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen pilot open-up area strategy in 2009, AQSIQ Jilin has taken the led to issue 16 service measures to support "CJT" and 10 measures to support the construction of Sino-Singapore Food Zone and developed "Ten Measures on Supporting the Construction of China Tumen River Area (Hunchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone" at the beginning of the demonstration zone this July to effectively boost the demonstration zone's international cooperation, development and open-up.

To better serve the construction of the demonstration zone, the next step is that AQSIQ Jilin will strengthen channel construction and actively assist the local government to strengthen port infrastructure construction; actively promote Hunchun Port to become a designated import port of relevant animals and plants and their products; actively promote doing a good job in increasing cross-border transport cargo types, mode of transport, destination ports and other related work; actively do the port core inspection and quarantine competency compliance acceptance work well. Enhance mode innovation, deepen the reform of the inspection, quarantine and supervision mode, continue to carry out early-going and pilot under the premise of risk control, explore the establishment of an inspection, quarantine and supervision mode adapting to the characteristics of "cross-border cooperation", maximize the simplification of work procedures and improve the customs clearance efficiency; accelerate implementing the "once declaration, once inspection and once release" clearance reform pilot so that the "three once" clearance mode can benefit enterprises as early as possible. Strengthen international cooperation, strengthen cooperation and exchange with counterpart inspection and quarantine agencies in neighboring countries, explore practical and feasible modes of cooperation and jointly promote the development of Rason Economic and Trade Zone and the Hunchun demonstration zone. Support industrial development, take a convenient customs clearance mode for self-driving travels and implement group reporting, pre-reporting and through release; support Hunchun to learn from the Hainan mode to build an international tourism tariff-free zone; support Hunchun to develop overseas agricultural bases and provide preferential entry and exit policies for relevant means of production; support the development of high-end manufacturing, provide facilitated policies, simplify verification and approval procedures and ensure the smooth progress of key projects and engineering; actively do a good job in accepting Changchun Xinglong Bonded Zone; actively do related work for Hunchun Export Processing Zone to upgrade a comprehensive free trade zone. Support the ability improvement, continue to provide key titles to AQSIQ Hunchun in organization establishment, funding budget, equipment and devices supply, IT construction, personnel training and other aspects and improve the integrated ability of AQSIQ Hunchun to serve local economic development.

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