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Jilin Province Tourism Commodities Fair Will Open
2013/08/29     Source:

On August 27, the press conference of Jilin Province Tourism Commodity Fair & Tourism Shopping Festival will open. "2013 Jilin Tourism Commodities Fair and Tourism Shopping Festival", co-held by the provincial tourism bureau with seven departments including the provincial Party committee propaganda department and the provincial department of agriculture, will be held at Changchun City Cultural Plaza on September 1.

It is reported that this fair will set up 300 booths, involve the province's more than 200 enterprises engaging in the design, research and development, production and sale of tourism products, and cover seven major series of products such as green tourism, eco-products, tourism handicrafts, ethnic folk commodities, ginseng health products, cultural artifacts , scenic and cultural souvenirs and outdoor equipment supplies. More than 1,000 kinds of commodities will be displayed and sold to citizens during this event.

Meanwhile, this fair will change the past single tourism product display mode but focus on reflect the economic, effective, participation and people-benefiting features to integrate the display and sale of tourism products with the product design competition, cultural performances and other forms and pay more attention to demonstrate the tourism image of each place.

To this end, a series of wonderful theme activities, including "Jilin excellent product" procurement, negotiation and matchmaking meeting, travel goods competition, people-benefiting tourism distribution activity, "wonderful Jilin" travel photography exhibition and tourism theme culture awareness day of each place, will meet with visitors and citizens during the fair.

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