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Jilin Province to host the International Food Safety Expo
2013/07/29     Source:

On the afternoon of July 25, the press conference for the Eighth China (Changchun) International Food Safety Expo was held. The Expo will be held from October 17 to 20 in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Expo integrates food safety, brand display, technology exchange, investment attraction and international procurement into one, highlights the food industry’s resource integration and value chain construction under the impact of global economic crisis, and provides a professional service platform for China's food industry to go into the world.
It is understood that the Expo has an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, plans to invite 1200 enterprises, and establishes national geographical indication products, children's health food, halal food, food machinery, food packaging and other professional exhibition areas. The relevant enterprises from domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions will participate in the exhibition. By then, the Expo will have held Food Safety Summit, Specialty Foods and Franchise Investment Fair, corporate brand image promotion, food and health lectures, non-material cultural heritage and ethnic custom exhibition and other activities.
To ensure safety and reliability of the exhibition goods, all the exhibitors must provide business licenses, enterprise certification certificates, food production licenses, food distribution licenses and certificates of origin, etc.; all the exhibits must provide testing certificates, traceability documents, commodity certificates and collating marks; national geographical indication products shall not only meet the above conditions, but also provide proof of geographical indication products identification; before admitted, all the exhibits must accept the joint inspection unit’s inspection and on-site irregular sampling, and must attached with "two-dimensional codes" to prevent cheap copies and traveling salesmen..

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