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Changchun Agricultural Expo Will Open
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On the afternoon of May 10, the first press conference of the 12th Changchun Agricultural Expo, scheduled to open at Changchun Agri-Expo Garden from August 16 to 25, 2013, was held. This expo, based on the theme "technology and green, exchange and development, and culture and trade", focuses on leading the development of modern agriculture, highlights the guiding, practical and professional nature and keeps innovative in displaying contents, cultural connotation, etc.

This expo will further reflect the purpose to serve "agriculture, countryside and farmers" and showcase a number of new agricultural varieties and technologies. The corn area introduced and planted mainly-launched high-yield and high-quality corn varieties nationwide; the mushroom vegetable base fully started domestically advanced wood-rotting fungi production lines to display and demonstrate the whole process of production, scientific research and processing of mushroom vegetables to play a leading role in the development of mushroom vegetable industry; four modern greenhouses introduced and applied the Internet of Thing technology to demonstrate and expand the latest achievements of agricultural information technologies. In addition, some new technology models, such as high-light efficiency cultivation, conservation tillage and "recycling agriculture", were launched to guide farmers in scientific farming.

The field cropping pattern of past agricultural expos was unique of its kind at home and abroad. This expo will newly set up a "southern orchard" to introduce and plant more than 40 kinds of southern fruit varieties. Newly-built Sightseeing Agricultural Park introduced and planted domestic and foreign exotic vegetable varieties and constructed 15 landscape sketches to build itself into a creative and fine agricultural park. The entire cropping area reflected the unity of "varieties, technologies and modes" as well as the unity of "creative, landscape and art" through the supporting assembly and layout optimization of varieties, technologies and facilities to further highlight the idyllic feature and science popularization, demonstration, sightseeing and other functions.

To hold "farmers and citizens' festival" well, this expo also will strive to create a northeast cultural atmosphere and enhance the cultural connotation. "Kanto (Jilin) Farming Folk Culture Exhibition" will be expanded to 6,500 square meters and promote the Kanto farming culture and folk culture with richer exhibits and more variable display techniques. Expand "sending films to the countryside" to the whole province to further enhance the level of "Agricultural Expo Art Festival". All kinds of exhibitions, such as farming exhibition, fisheries exhibition, rural tourism exhibition and rare stones exhibition, will integrate cultural elements in the contents.

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