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Longwan Wild Azalea Tourism Festival about to be kicked off
2013/05/08     Source:

Jilin Longwan National Nature Reserve wetland ecological protection advocacy activity themed by “beautiful China, ecological Longwan” cum 2013 China’s Jilin Longwan Wild Azalea Tourism Festival will be held from May 8 to June 1, when the tourists can enjoy the azaleas all over the mountains and plains and get an in-depth experience of eco-tourism.

Jilin Longwan National Nature Reserve was established in 2003 with the approval of the State Council, is located in Huinan County, Tonghua City, at the middle the Longgang ridge, northwestern foot of Changbai Mountain, and has a total area of 15,061 hectares. In May, the wild azaleas are in full blossom in the Nature Reserve, among them, the flowers at Sifangding scenic spot known as "alpine garden" and "Qise Mountain Flower Valley" along the way compete with each other for beauty of looks. On the basis of having building Sanjiao Longwan “anti-season ecological fruit and vegetable picking garden”, the eco-industrial demonstration park located in Longwan drift region will be opened to tourists in early May, and will form in-depth eco-tourism experience featuring dynamic and static combination of agitation in the wood and relaxation beside the lake with Longwan drift and “cold-water fish fishing area”. The "Heart Nourishing Valley" and the intoxicating "Diaoshuihu" are two best scenic areas (spots) in Longwan Group National Forest Park for you to experience the characteristics of forest tour. In addition, Longwan spring wetland landscape photography collection activity, Huinan County Huifa paper-cut excellent works exhibition and other activities also reflect the fusion of ecological culture with various cultural art forms.

It is reported that the newly built highway from Changchun to Songjiang River will be completed in 2013, and an entrance is established for Longwan scenic area, which is 18 km (The whole journey is 180 km.) away from Longwan Group National Forest Park. This highway is and connected with Ha-Chang Highway and Shen-Ji Highway. He-Da Highway has been connected to Tonghua, so that the traffic from the major cities in the northeast to Longwan scenic area has basically realized highway all the way.

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