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The press conference of the Ninth China - Northeast Asia Expo held
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On April 2, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Northeast Asia cum the Ninth China - Northeast Asia Expo press conference was convened at the news conference hall of the State Council Information Office. Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian, Standing Committee Member of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor Chen Weigen, and Director of the Northeast Revitalization Department of the National Development and Reform Commission Zhou Jianping attended. A total of 180 people, such as the commercial counsellors of the embassies of the five Northeast Asian countries in China, the leaders of the relevant state ministries and departments, and foreign media reporters, attended the news conference.

China - Northeast Asia Expo is a state-level exposition co-organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and Jilin Provincial Government, but also the only international exposition in the world that is jointly participated by Northeast Asian countries and opening to the globe. Over the 8 years, Northeast Asia Expo cumulatively realized merchandise trade turnover of 5.723 billion yuan, signed 1838 contract projects with total investment of more than 1 trillion yuan, in which, it attracted more than 900 billion yuan of extraterritorial funds.

Chen Jian said that the Northeast Asian region has a unique geographical advantage and resource endowment, vast market space, and great potential for development. Promoting the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of Northeast Asian economy is the common aspiration of the countries in Northeast Asia. China - Northeast Asia Expo is an important measure taken by the Chinese government to promote exchanges and cooperation with other Northeast Asian countries in the fields of economy and trade, investment, culture, science and education, tourism, etc., and will play a positive and unique role for “peace, harmony, cooperation” and "consensus, sharing, win-win" in Northeast Asia.

Chen Jian said, as one of the organizers, the Ministry of Commerce will fully support the hosting of China - Northeast Asia Expo. He hoped that the Northeast Asian countries will take full advantage of this important international platform, innovate in cooperation, and work together to overcome the difficulties and challenges on the path of development, to make new and greater contributions for promoting prosperity and stability in Northeast Asia.

Standing Committee Member of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor Chen Weigen made a press release on the Ninth China - Northeast Asia Expo. He said that the Ninth China - Northeast Asia Expo will be held at Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 6 to 11, 2013. Compared with the previous sessions, the current expo mainly has five changes, which are embodied in that:

The functional positioning will be further improved. The renamed and upgraded China -Northeast Asia Expo will be more inclusive in region, richer in content, and further enhanced in level, and become an important platform integrating exchanges and cooperation in many fields such as politics, diplomacy, economy and trade, science and technology, education, and humanity into one. In 2013, they will closely center on its functional positioning as a state-level international integrated regional expo, and strive to build China - Northeast Asia Expo into an important channel for intergovernmental dialogue and exchange in Northeast Asia, an important platform for trade and economic cooperation in Northeast Asia, an important window for Northeast China to open to the outside world, and an important channel for cultural exchanges among the Northeast Asian countries.
The specification of hosting will be further improved. Starting from the ninth session, the national ministries such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture, the National Tourism Administration, and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, as well as Liaoning Province, Heilongjiang Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, will fully participate in the preparation work for the expo as co-organizers of China - Northeast Asia Expo, and will arrange some important meetings and activities to be held during the expo, which will greatly enhance the power of expo hosting.

The fields of dialogue and exchange will be further broadened. The current expo will focus on continuing to host the Northeast Asian cooperation high-level forum by centering around the theme of promoting regional cooperation in Northeast Asia; will organize the Business Day of Northeast Asian countries, the Northeast Asia Think Tank Forum and other meetings with the Tumen River regional cooperation as the theme; and will organize the European Union - China (Jilin) Investment and Trade Fair and 2013 Hundred Cities (International) Forum and other meetings with promoting the economic and trade cooperation between Northeast Asian countries and the world as the theme. Meanwhile, they will actively seek cooperation with national ministries, international organizations, and other well-known institutions, and arrange a number of important international conferences and forums during the expo, ensure the high-end and authoritative nature of the meetings and forums, and truly build the expo into an important platform for dialogue and exchange in Northeast Asia.

The exhibition content will be further enriched. The current expo will firmly seize the favorable opportunity that it is the tenth anniversary for the state to implement the strategy for revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and that the state vigorously develops modern services and new industries, and specifically set the Northeast China old industrial base revitalization pavilion, the modern service and emerging industry pavilion. In addition, they will especially set the Northeast Asia commodity pavilion, to comprehensively display the famous, quality, high-end commodities of Northeast Asian countries, so as to further strengthen the regional characteristics of the expo. They will continue to set the pavilion of investment cooperation, which will mainly display the image, investment environment, policy and external cooperation projects of China's national economic and technological, high-tech industrial development zones and other types of development zones as well as other countries and regions in the world.

The trade and economic effectiveness will be further enhanced. The current expo has newly planned special events for trade in commodities and trade in services, combine investment and trade closely, and strive for greater trade and economic effectiveness. Then, it will focus on organizing the Second International Purchasing Fair, invite large domestic and foreign buyers and suppliers to participate, set the spot negotiation area, and increase the site turnover of merchandise trade and the number of contract orders. In addition, the 2013 China (Changchun) International Service Outsourcing Conference will be held, which will publish the service outsourcing cooperation projects, and promote the transformation and development of the trade in services of the countries. Meanwhile, they will center around the industries the Northeast Asian countries and Jilin Province focus on developing to hold thematic industrial matchmaking fairs, but also add the content of project docking and negotiation during other types of events organized, so as to strive for contracting of more good projects and big projects during the expo.

At present, the preparatory work for the expo is advanced in an orderly way, and has achieved initial results, and many domestic and foreign politicians and businessmen have expressed their strong willingness to participate. Next, they will focus on doing a good job in inviting dignitaries and businessmen, pavilion special design and exhibition arrangement, meeting and forum preparation and other work, so as to make new and greater contributions to improving the overall level of exhibition hosting and comprehensively deepening exchanges and cooperation with Northeast Asian regions.

Zhou Jianping elaborated on how to use the platform of China - Northeast Asia Expo to promote a new round of revitalization of the Northeast old industrial base. Northeast Asia Expo has become one of the Northeast region's largest, highest-level, best-effect platform for investment promotion, for foreign economic and trade, for technological exchanges and cooperation, and is of far-reaching significance in attracting a wide range of projects, funds, technologies, talents, etc. for the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast, especially in bringing about changes in the Northeastern region’s concept about foreign development, he said. The revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China over the 10 years and the practice of eight sessions of Northeast Asia Expo clearly show that revitalization needs opening up and opening promotes revitalization.

He revealed that the National Development and Reform Commission is studying the full implementation of the strategy for revitalizing Northeast China and other old industrial bases in the new 10 years, so as to comprehensively improve the open economy level of the Northeast region, and will take full advantage of the important platform of China - Northeast Asia Expo to comprehensively display the tremendous achievements in the Northeast revitalization over the past 10 years, and the development prospects depicted by the “12th Five-Year Plan” for the Northeast revitalization and the planning for the Northeast China to open to Northeast Asia, constantly improve the level of external cooperation in the Northeast old industrial base, expand areas of cooperation, expand cooperation depth, make full efforts to promote bilateral, multilateral and regional opening cooperation with Northeast Asian countries, and strongly promote economic cooperation between Northeast China and the countries in the world.

At the press conference, the domestic and foreign media reporters enthusiastically asked questions, forming a very warm scene.

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