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Jilin Province Land Resources Bureau Issued Views to Support the Development of Hunchun International Cooperation Demonstration Zone
2013/09/27     Source:

To promote the development of Hunchun International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Jilin Province Land Resources Bureau has recently formulated 16 measures  for resources guarantee.

1. Annual land use indictor for the demonstration zone will be separately listed.

2. Give a support to the demonstration zone when coordinating and adjusting newly-added construction land indictor at the end of each year.

3. Construction projects with a respective investment of above RMB 100 million in the demonstration zone are suitable to the "supply by point" policy and will get the province-reserved indictor.   

4. Appoint designated persons to be responsible for land used by projects in the demonstration zone and complete reviewing and reporting to the provincial government for approval within 10 working days.

5. Support the demonstration zone to speed up infrastructure construction and report to the Ministry of Land Resources for approval on pioneering land utilization for those meeting the requirement.

6. State-owned construction land within the scope of urban construction land will be reviewed and approved by the people's government of the place where the demonstration zone is located.

7. Newly-added arable land, if eligible after acceptance, will be included into the reserve base in accordance with the proportion to "supplement arable land earlier than occupation" and no arable land reclamation fees will be charged.

8. The demonstration zone, if cannot achieve the balance between supplement and occupation of arable land, is given the priority to buy indicators at the additional land indicator trade market.

9. Support the demonstration zone to carry out the urban and rural construction land increase and decrease pilot, give priority to arrange link turnover indicators and expand the development space of the demonstration zone.

10. Support the demonstration zone to take the initiative to carry out the industrial and mining wasteland reclamation and utilization pilot.

11. Support the demonstration zone to take land with sufficient evidence and clear legal sources in the second land survey as construction land and revitalize the stock for continued use.

12. Industrial projects specializing in primary processing of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery products in the demonstration zone are entitled to buy land not lower than 70% of the determined bottom land transfer price.

13. For state-owned unused land used by the demonstration zone outside the planning area, if it is used by an industrial project and the early-stage development is independently completed by the land user, the land will be sold at a price 15% lower than the bottom land transfer price.

14. For land for industrial use in the transfer period, if the plot ratio can be increased meeting the planning and without changing the land use purpose, the price shall not be increased after verified.

15. Give an appropriate title to the demonstration zone in the total mining control of antimony and tungsten ores.

16. Give priority to arrange geological disaster prevention projects and improve the geological hazard information and early warning system to demonstration zone.

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