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Guide for Unaccompanied Baggage of Inward and outward passengers
2012/04/19     Source:

Unaccompanied baggage of inward or outward passengers refers to the baggage belonging to the passengers their own that is checked inward or outward within the prescribed term after the entry or before the exit of the passengers.
Long-term non-resident passengers residing in China Customs territory for more than one year who have acquired the long-term residence certificate cannot import or export articles for personal use unless they apply to the competent Customs and obtain the approval of the competent Customs. Passengers settling down in China Customs territory are entitled to apply to the competent Customs to import articles for settlement after acquiring the settlement certificate or the approval documents from the responsible governmental departments of the People’s Republic of China.
Resident passengers of Chinese nationality who import or export articles by the means of unaccompanied baggage shall transact the relevant Customs formalities with the hold of their valid documents in the Port Customs.

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