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Interpretation of China - Northeast Asia Expo by Exhibition and Conference Experts
2013/09/06     Source:

Compared with other domestic government-led exhibitions, China - Northeast Asia Expo (CNEAE) can be summarized with a appropriate word "commendable". Why is it difficult? The situation in Northeast Asia is very complex and the economic development path of each country is uneven. In spite of high complementarity, it is very difficult to let them "clench fists" and work together for development due to many historical and practical reasons.

Why is it commendable? It is commendable because CNEAE can adhere to being held for eight years in such a difficult circumstance, becomes better and more influential, is the world's only platform to enable six Northeast Asian countries to gather together, and plays an irreplaceable and important role in promoting regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, pushing forward the revitalization of northeast old industrial bases and expanding business and investment solicitation and foreign influence of Jilin Province.

It is the first term in 2013 after the expo renamed to CNEAE. The reputation is bigger and the level is higher. How to walk the future road for CNEAE? Recently, China Convention and Exhibition Society Vice President Chu Xiangyin expressed his point of views to the reporter.

Chu Xiangyin analyzed CNEAE is one of better- and faster-developed exhibitions among Chinese government-led exhibitions. It was attributed to two reasons. One is a strong government support. CNEAE, as a national and international exhibition platform in Northeast China, won a powerful support from the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant ministries and of course is inseparable from Jilin Province's "all-province-to-hold-exhibition" system. The other is that CNEAE has continued to advance in a market-oriented road in the eight years and obtained some successful experiences, which is one of important factors for the success of CNEAE.

In his opinion, to adhere to "two legs" government support and market operation is both the road of success of CNEAE and the only rule for CNEAE to advance solidly in the future. He said "CNEAE adds a lot of assisting and undertaking units this year, equivalent to adding government resources, but it puts forward a higher requirement for coordinating all-aspect resources. If the coordinating ability is improved and the government resources of these units can be gathered to the expo, it will be difficult for CNEAE not want to become bigger, better and stronger. In addition, an exhibition, wanting a sustained success, needs not only the government's strong support, but also a powerful market support. CNEAE should increase efforts to go to the market in the process of continuing to explore the market and strive to find more collaborators and development opportunities in the market. These are two things CNEAE must do well in the future.

Whereas, how do the "two legs" government support and market operation match for CNEA to advance solidly?  Referring to the international experiences, to establish an exhibition and conference industry management system with Chinese characteristics needs to give full play to the role of government, enterprises and industry associations, promote and improve management and operation of the exhibition and conference industry by  maximizing the use of the market mechanism and make the role of government, enterprises and industry associations fully integrate and play the best integration effect in the market, said Chu Xiangyin. In his view, in the development of the exhibition and conference industry, government, enterprises and industry associations should carry out their duties as the government is responsible for macro-guidance, enterprises run in an independent and standardized manner and industry associations undertake the industry's communication and coordination so as to establish a trinity exhibition and conference industry management system, enable each party to identify their respective positioning and play their role in accordance with the common rules.

Speaking of industry associations' communication and coordination role, Chu Xiangyin took China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) as an example. He said CCPIT is a powerful trade organization with government background and has its own offices in many cities and places in the world as well as its own trade promotion network. Today, CCPIT, as one of assisting units of CNEAE, can play its assisting role in two aspects, such as expanding the popularity and influence of CNEAE worldwide and attracting more participants and visitors. Chu Xiangyin sincerely hoped that the CNEAE organizing committee could coordinate and use various resources and advantages of all assisting units including CCPIT, continue to explore, reform and make innovation, develop CNEAE to be bigger and more vibrant and accumulate valuable experiences for the establishment of an exhibition and conference industry with Chinese characteristics.

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