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Provincial Communications Department interprets the Implementation Opinions on Prioritizing the Development of Urban Public Transport
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April 18, the provincial government executive meeting examined and adopted the Implementation Opinions of Jilin Provincial People's Government on Prioritizing the Development of Urban Public Transport (Ji Zheng Fa [2013] No. 12) (hereinafter referred to as "the Opinions"), and it was officially issued and implemented in the province on May 8. May 27, the Provincial Department of Transportation specially held the "Implementation Opinions" press briefing, at which deputy director Li Enhui introduced the background, main contents and characteristics of the "Implementation Opinions".
Since reform and opening, our province’s urban public transport has made considerable progress. The province has 100 urban public transport enterprises, which employ 26,600 persons, own 11,400 vehicles, and a parking area of 431,000 square meters. However, there still exit problems such as relatively backward infrastructure, small number of and low-grade vehicles, backward development concept and difficult operation. The "Implementation Opinions" introduced by the provincial government positions the urban public transport as a non-profit undertaking to provide the public with basic traveling services, but also highlights the important role of giving priority to the development of public transport in improving the urban living environment, ensuring the normal operation of urban functions and transforming the urban transport development approach. He stressed that the implementation of "p
rioritizing public transport" is "prioritizing people’s interest", and all levels of transport departments must seize the rare opportunity of accelerating the development of urban public transport, put the promotion of the development of urban public transport into agenda, comprehensively establish the concept of public transport leading urban development, and truly promote the development of urban public transport as an important people’s livelihood project related to the vital interests of the people.
Main contents
It is reported that the "Implementation Opinions" has put forward nine tasks and twenty-five safeguard measures, to ensure that "p
rioritizing public transport" can be pushed forward smoothly, and "prioritizing people’s interest" can be realized as soon as possible. Nine tasks include: define the time limit and requirement of planning preparation, and strengthen supervision and execution of planning preparation; strengthen safeguard of land use for public transport; government will increase supporting efforts, and scientifically and reasonably determine the urban public transport fares; safeguard the priority of the right of way of urban public transport, and implement road and signal priority; regulate the traffic management behavior of urban public transport, and improve the urban public transport service evaluation; rely on technological means to improve the urban public transport services; promote urban public transport investment and financing reform, and to promote the urban public transport development; promote the reform in the urban public transport sector, and safeguard workers' legitimate rights and interests; strengthen organizational leadership, clarify departmental responsibility, and strengthen urban public transport performance evaluation.
The "Implementation Opinions" has six aspects of manifestation in innovating the initiatives, which has effectively solved the key links and outstanding issues that constrain the province’s urban public transport development. In 2013, the "public transport to the convenience of people" project was officially launched; land utilization for urban rail transit is strengthened; focus of use of funds is defined; construction of supporting infrastructure is guaranteed; joint meeting system provides policy support for the priority development; the practice of substituting subsidies with rewards improves the enthusiasm of all localities.
Main characteristics
The "Implementation Opinions" achieves a breakthrough in ten aspects, providing a strong impetus for priority development. Determine different indicators of development target value according to different sizes of population; strengthen planning preparation and implementation monitoring; third, explicitly require urban public transport infrastructure to achieve simultaneous design, simultaneous construction, simultaneous acceptance and simultaneous use in old city transformation and new city construction planning; clearly propose that urban public transport infrastructure sites should be included in the "regulatory plan"; those that meet the existing relevant preferential tax policy conditions can enjoy business tax, urban land use tax, property tax and other tax incentives; highlight the need to establish a reasonable price relation among various urban public transportation means, to complement each other's advantages and improve the operating efficiency of the public transport system; define that enterprise safe production funds can be included in the scope of business cost accounting; evaluate enterprises’ business situation, service quality, safety production and other situations, and the comprehensive evaluation results will serve as an important basis for government to grant operating subsidies, corporate access and exit; encourage public transport enterprises to establish financing platforms to enhance market financing capacity; and encourage urban public transport companies and road passenger transport companies to jointly set up enterprises, operate urban and rural public transport passenger lines, and promote the integration of urban and rural public transport.

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