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Interpretation by Jilin Province Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau on "Views on Highlighting the Development of Private Economy" (2)
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To fully implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the spirit of highlighting the development of private economy of the province, give full play to the effective carrier role of development zones (including industrial cluster areas, the same below), accelerate industrial agglomeration and promote the great and fast development of private economy, the following suggestions now are proposed on the implementation of the cluster development project:

1. General Idea

Taking the scientific development concept as a guide, changing the mode of economic development as the main line, project construction as the core, investment solicitation as the means, development zones as the carrier and cluster development as the goal and firmly relying on the province's leading industries and advantageous resources, formulate industrial development plans at a high starting point and high standard, actively guide and promote industrial agglomeration, give birth to and develop the private economy, form a powerful cluster advantage of the province's private economic development and promote a healthy and sustainable development of the province's industrial clusters.

2. Development Goal

As of the end of 2017, the province's development zones will strive to build 162 industrial clusters with a certain size. Among them, the number of industrial clusters with output value of exceeding RMB 100 billion, RMB 10 billion, RMB 5 billion and RMB 2 billion will reach 8, 53, 56 and 45. Based on industry categories, the number of industrial clusters in the planning and construction equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, biomedicines, electronic information, food processing, agro-processing, metallurgy and building materials, petrochemical, wood processing, auto parts, textiles, modern services and other industries will be 14, 20, 22, 4, 15, 10, 23, 6, 7, 16, 2, 4 and 17. Total output value of the aforesaid-planned industrial clusters will reach RMB 1.7 trillion, accounting for 35.4% of the province's gross industrial output value over the same period.

3. Main Task

(1) Do a good and careful job in industrial planning. Plan at a high starting point, adhere to the combination of design by well-known experts and demonstration by experts and improve the scientific and recognized nature of plans. Highlight the guiding role of plans, ensure the plans of industrial clusters to be developed in line with the actual situation of development zones and guide the establishment and functional positioning of regulatory and detailed plans at a high starting point and high quality. Highlight the characteristics of plans, tally with the characteristics and development directions of industrial development, and play a positive and promoting role in the formation and development of industrial clusters. Strengthen the feasibility of plans, establish development objectives in a scientific and rational manner and push forward the implementation of plans steadily. Strengthen the seriousness and authority of plans and ensure the smooth and consistent implementation.

(2) Right select leading industries. Accurately and scientifically determine leading industries for development zones in conjunction with the zones' "12th Five-Year Plan". Select and nurture industries with broad market prospects and high technical contents as the leading industries. According to the requirements of cluster development, mainly support and giving priority to the development of leading industries and give full play to the positive agglomeration effect. Combining with the rational and sophisticated requirements of the industrial structure, pay attention to the cultivation, development and growth of leading industries, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading and do a good and careful job in the orderly conversion of leading industries. Do a good job in the portfolio and contact between leading industries, promote reasonable matching and mutual collaboration of leading industries, push forward leading industries gradually form a cluster development pattern and boost the leading industrial cluster to realize a high-value-added, high-tech and high-intensive evolution .

(3) Develop leading enterprises to be bigger and stronger. Regard leading enterprises as an important support to regional economic development and the core of competitiveness of industrial clusters. Seriously do a good job in selecting, training and introducing leading enterprises and create conditions to support leading enterprises to grow bigger and stronger. Give full play to the leading role of knowledge spillover, brand and innovation effects of leading enterprises and attract small, medium and micro enterprises to collectively integrate into the industrial chains to improve the network structure of industrial development. Give full play to the guiding role of policies, encourage the cooperation, merger, transformation and restructuring among leading enterprises and between leading enterprises and small and medium enterprises, promote the complementary advantages and interactive development of industrial chains and realize an industrial cluster development. Enhance the innovative capability of leading enterprises, integrate scientific and technological resources inside and outside enterprises, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the industrialization pace and create a scientific and technological innovation system for the cluster development of leading enterprises. Strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure and provide a supporting system integrating public works, service facilities and logistics for the development and growth of leading enterprises.

(4) Strengthen the incubation function of development zones. Regard incubators as an important foundation for the formation of enterprises and industrial agglomeration development, give full play to the flexible and efficient advantages of systems and mechanisms in development zones, actively make innovation in the business model and speed up the construction of incubators in development zones. Actively create and maintain a highly-efficient and low-cost pioneering environment and incubate and nurture small and medium enterprises with strong vitality and supporting collaboration to join in the industrial chains according to the needs of industrial cluster development and in a planned and targeted manner. Make full efforts to build and develop incubators for science and technology enterprises based on promoting the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Strengthen the contact and cooperation between enterprises and research institutes and colleges and universities to provide a development space and basic condition for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Conscientiously implement each policy of governments at all levels to support the construction of incubators, actively guide and use the incubation market function, open up, dig and allocate resources for incubating enterprises, encourage and attract social funds, intermediaries, brokers, consulting firms and other resources to enter the field of incubator building, provide all-round and whole-process services, including human resources, marketing and development strategies, for the nurturing of enterprises and realize the mass, orderly and healthy production of enterprises. Actively support the development of small, medium and micro enterprises and promote the development of private economy. Strive to build at least an incubator or a private enterprise pioneer park in each development zone by the end of 2017.

(5) Build regional industrial agglomeration belts. Optimize the spatial layout and integrate advantageous resources according to the distribution of productive forces, distribution of resources, geopolitical characteristics of development zones and industrial cluster development requirement in the province. Make a breakthrough in the administrative system framework, optimize, integrate and upgrade existing development zones, support the cross-space co-development of development zones and create characteristic industrial clusters with the coordinated developments of a number of industries in Jilin Province taking Changchun as the core point. First, build a Changchun-Jilin-Tumen (Tumen River Basin) industrial belt, mainly developing pillar industries such as automobiles and spare parts, petrochemical, rail transportation, bio-chemicals, agricultural product processing, forest products, modern services and eco-tourism; second, build a Changchun-Siping central industrial belt, mainly developing basic industries such as special-purpose vehicles, auto parts, heat exchangers and household chemicals; third, build a characteristic and advantageous Changchun-Liaoyuan-Tonghua-Baishan industrial belt, mainly developing advantageous industries such as metallurgy, building materials, textiles, medicines and clean energy; fourth, build a Changchun-Songyuan-Baicheng industrial belt, mainly developing petrochemical, new energy, new-energy vehicles and parts, bio-chemicals and bio-medicines, grain deep processing, textiles and garment and other industries. According to the "Guidance on Strengthening the Construction of National Eco-industrial Park" (MEP Issuance [2011] No. 143) co-issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology, select 100 above province-level development zones with a certain basis to pilot as province-level eco-industrial demonstration zones and strive to promote more province-level eco-industrial demonstration zones to grow to national eco-industrial parks.

(6) Perfect the platform service system. Establish and improve the intermediary service system and make efforts to provide social services such as financial management, investment and financing, credit rating, legal service and appraisal of achievements for the development of enterprises. Speed up the construction of the logistics service system, improve the logistics channel, improve the infrastructure, optimize logistics enterprises and improve the service efficiency. Establish and improve the human resources service system, focus on digging and using human resources, do a good job in the planning of human resources, increase the training, introduction and use of human resources and strengthen the talent cooperation between colleges and universities and enterprises. Speed up building the information service system, focus on building the information service platform, building digital parks, improve the means of modern information service, strengthen the construction of projects such as e-government system, economic and geographic information system, e-logistics system, e-commerce system and Internet data cloud services center and strive to improve the level of information services. Speed up building a policy-based public service platform, provide all-around policy services for the industrial agglomeration development, implement relevant national, provincial and local policies in a timely manner and improve the quality of the government's public services.

4. Safeguard Measures

(1) Strengthen the organization and leadership. Each development zone should attach great importance to the work of the construction of industrial clusters, make clear responsibilities and reasonable division of labors and do a good job in coordination. Earnestly grasp the formation of industrial cluster development plans for each development zone, organize and confirm leading industries and determine development goals.

(2) Speed up innovation in systems and mechanisms. Make innovation in the management mechanism, talent introduction mechanism and financial assistance mechanism based on the cultivation and development of industrial clusters to create necessary and convenient conditions for cluster development. Try to solve industrial cluster development problems in the existing systems and mechanisms in development zones within Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Development and Opening-up Pilot Area in an early-going and pilot manner.

(3) Strengthen the evaluation of cluster development. Conscientiously carry out the assessment of industrial clusters, include the situation of industrial cluster development in the scope of assessment of development zones and commend and award development zones achieving a good effect and big effectiveness in promoting industrial clusters. Sum ​​up and report good experiences and practices in the process of building industrial clusters and promote and demonstrate across the province.

(4)Vigorously promote business and investment solicitation. Make innovation in the business and investment solicitation cooperation mode, actively solicit business and investments based the development of industrial clusters and mainly introduce leading enterprises and associated enterprises for cluster development. Conduct joint business and investment solicitation based on the plan of industrial agglomeration development, attract foreign investments with the industrial cluster chain and realize a shift from a single productive investment to a composite investment.

(5) Optimize the cluster development environment. Increase publicity, create a good atmosphere for public opinions and development and form a powerful combined force for the development of industrial clusters; strengthen the policy support and create a good environment for the development of private economy; actively guide the private economy to develop by the law and uphold integrity management, solve development problems for private enterprise in a timely manner and make full efforts to do a good job in the tracking service.

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