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Jilin Province Soft Environment Office interprets the Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy
2013/03/12     Source:

"Creating a relaxed, superior soft environment for economic development is a prerequisite and necessary safeguard to promote the development of private economy. The Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy introduced recently by the provincial party committee and government takes improving the environment for economic development as an important condition to highlight the development of private economy, which demonstrates the determination and attitude of the provincial party committee and government to remedy and build a soft environment for economic development, and has proposed new tasks and higher requirements on us, but also has enhanced our confidence and determination in the construction of soft environment." Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy director of the Supervision Department, and member of the provincial leading group for renovation and construction of economic development soft environment Qiu Daming interpreted a series of important initiatives in the soft environmental remediation and construction in Jilin Province.
Qiu Daming said serving for private economic development has always been the focus of the soft environment work. Currently the issues affecting the development of private economy are still prominent, and there are some problems in the related work, such as: the conservative thinking, and the outdated concept; insufficient attention to the private economy; imperfect system building and improper implementation; poor awareness of the rule of law; work style failing to meet the situation and task requirements, and we need to devote great efforts to address in the future.
When talking about the specific measures for soft environmental remediation and construction in our province this year and in the next period, Qiu Daming said: "We will  enhance organizational leadership, strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen the responsibility implementation, and strengthen the working effectiveness with ‘promoting administrative examination and approval to speed up, and seeking effectiveness in soft environmental remediation and construction' as the theme, with 'reform, clear, supervise and investigate” as the key content, with 'big visit, big publicity and big rectification' as the carrier of implementation, and strive to build a development environment featuring excellent service, fast efficiency, judicial fairness, standardized law enforcement, high government integrity, and light burden on enterprises."
Qiu Daming also elaborated on the specific content of "reform, clear, supervise and investigate".
Reform means vigorously promoting the reform of the administrative examination and approval system. The focus is to clean up, cancel and adjust items requiring examination and approval. Reduce the examination and approval procedures, and clarify the processing time of each link, the specific operating procedures, and remedies and other contents. Establish and improve systems such as the first handling responsibility system, the first asking responsibility system, and the one-time informing system.
Clear means clean up the enterprise-involved administrative and operation services fees, lower the charging standard, clean up unjustified fines and unauthorized inspections on enterprises, and lighten the burden on enterprises. Strictly regulate inspection on enterprises. Except matters involving public safety, environmental protection, production safety, food and drug safety, etc., the inspection on enterprises shall be audited by the legal departments at the same level, and shall be canceled if possible, shall be conducted jointly if possible. Refine and quantify administrative refinement discretion, perform the refinement in accordance with the refined standards if the discretionary refinement standards have been approved by the provincial government, and shall perform the refinement at the minimum standards if they are not refined. Implement separation of enforcement powers from punishment powers, that is, if the law enforcement officers do need to punish corporate violations, they must report to the case trial council or the leading body of the same level to determine.
Supervise means strengthening the supervision over the implementation of the policies and measures of the provincial party committee and government for private economic development, to ensure proper implementation. Supervise the continuity of policies, that is, the successive government shall continue to fulfill the obligations the former government has not fulfilled, and the successive government shall continue to honor and perform the legal commitment promised and the valid contract signed by the previous government he served the government. Actively promote the construction of the electronic monitoring system of administrative examination and approval, to strengthen the supervision of the whole process of the exercise of power. Innovatively carry out soft environment appraisal by masses, continue the implementation of "big visit and big rectification", deeply carry out a thorough investigation and strengthen the soft environment supervisor team building, give full play to the role of mass supervision, effectively listen to the voice of enterprises, supervise rectification of the issues raised, and achieve tangible results.
Investigate means investigating cases. Improve the soft environment involved case reporting system, seriously accept reports and complaints from enterprises and masses, smooth the channels for soft environment involved case complaint and reporting, improve the complaint and reporting mechanism integrating letter, visit, call, network, and thorough investigation into one, publicize the complaint and reporting hotlines, timely process soft environment involved case complaint, investigate and deal with any case discovered.

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