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Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission interprets the Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy
2013/03/12     Source:

"Private fixed asset investment is the main force of investment in our province. The Opinions on Highlighting the Development of the Private Economy introduced by the provincial party committee and government is a correct decision made based on the situation of the province in a critical period of reform and development of the province, is in line with the development needs of the private economy of the province, and to further improve the scale and level of private investment in the province, and plays an important role in promoting the province's private investment to enhance the scale and level. As an integrated functional department, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has conscientiously studied 10 areas and 40 articles of the "Opinions" soon after it was issued, but also has come up with next step of specific working ideas and practices by combining with the actual work of the Development and Reform Commission." Deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Song Gang a few days ago interpreted how the Provincial Development and Reform Commission will promote private economic development in the next step.
Song Gang said that the private fixed asset investment in the province has shown a trend of growing total capital, markedly enhanced strength, gradually broadened fields and expanded scale in recent years, and has played a growing role in promoting the economic development of the province. Grasping the project construction of the private economy is to grasp the investment, and grasping the investment is to grasp the driving force and stamina of economic construction and development. "We will strive to create a favorable environment for the development of the private economy, let the private economy enjoy the fair treatment, and promote better and faster development of the private economy."
For some time to come, centering on the policies and measures in the Opinions for the development of the private economy, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission will further enhance service awareness, and promote the development of the private economy specifically from five aspects.
First, fully cooperate with the performance evaluation of the development of the private economy. Incorporate the speed of development of local private economy into the evaluation system, specifically quantify the level of industrial development, investment promotion, project examination and approval, production running, tracking service and other indicators, regard it as an important part of performance appraisal on local governments and principal leaders, form the anti-driving mechanism under the indicator constraint system, introduce effective measures for supervising local governments, strengthen and improve the development of the soft environment, and promote the development of private economy.
Second, relax the field and scope of private investment. Adhering to the principle of “allowing access to any areas as long as unrestricted and equal treatment”, the Development and Reform Commission will focus on encouraging private capital into eight key areas and industries, namely agriculture and rural infrastructure; transportation, energy, telecommunications and other infrastructure; urban infrastructure and affordable housing construction; health care, education, social welfare, culture, tourism, sports and other social undertakings; financial services; commerce circulation; advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries; and defense technology industry. Determine the equal market player position of private investment, and open all the industries and areas which are not expressly prohibited by laws and regulations to private investment. For all the opened areas, we shall not set additional conditions on private investment alone, but let private investment enjoy equal policy treatment with state-owned and foreign investment.
Third, further rationalize the administrative examination and approval procedures. Announce project examination and approval procedures, and decentralize project examination and approval to the city (prefecture) and the county (city) in principle, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations to go through national or provincial examination and approval. Work together with the relevant departments to further sort out the examination and approval procedures, simplify and shorten the process, refine the supporting measures, and improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval. For the projects encouraged by the country, we should implement "approval as long as reported”, effectively speed up the examination and approval speed, and reduce the burden on enterprises.
Fourth, guide private enterprises to accelerate technological progress and structural adjustment. Give full play to the guiding role of national and provincial project funds, support private enterprises to increase investment in research and development, and enhance the capability of independent innovation. Support private enterprises to adopt new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new materials for technological transformation. Promote the popularization and application of key energy-saving technologies and energy-efficient environmentally friendly products and equipment in private enterprises, and eliminate backward technology, process, equipment and product in accordance with the law. Center on advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries and modern services to carry out investment promotion for docking with private enterprises, introduce the leading projects, promote the projects that can make industries bigger and stronger, pay attention to extending the industrial chain, filling the blank of the industrial chain, improve industry supporting, and enhance industrial agglomeration.
Fifth, go all out to promote project construction and the project planning. Adhere to the idea of “grasping large projects and stimulating small projects”, go all out to promote the construction of major projects of more than 30 million yuan, and give prominence to grasping major projects of more than 100 million yuan. Boost overall progress by making breakthroughs in key areas, and accelerate the pace of construction of private investment projects in the province. Meanwhile, in accordance with the national industrial policy and the direction of investment, enhance working initiative and predictability, strengthen project planning, highlight infrastructure, society and people’s livelihood, strategic emerging industries, low-carbon economy, modern service and other areas, develop and reserve in advance a group of major projects with strong leading effect, good benefit and strong stamina.

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