Jilin Provincial Commerce Department Adopts Policies and Measures to Effectively Address the Epidemic Outbreak and Sustain the Steady and Healthy Development of Enterprises in the Business Field

2020-02-12    JL.gov

Jilin Provincial Commerce Department has adopted a series of policies and measures to effectively address the epidemic outbreak and sustain the steady and healthy development of enterprises in the business field, including related foreign enterprises and international trade as follows:


1, Actively support the stable operation of commercial enterprises


Promote the coordinated development of urban supply chain, cold chain logistics, smart logistics, urban and rural efficient distribution, e-commerce and logistics, and further unleash the potential of Internet consumption.


2, Actively support enterprises to carry out international trade


Encourage enterprises to import epidemic prevention supplies, fully cover the international and domestic logistics costs of foreign trade enterprises importing epidemic protection supplies and distributing in Jilin province during the epidemic prevention and control period, and subsidize other financial costs with a certain proportion.


The national and provincial foreign trade special funds will be applied and focused on supporting enterprises to develop 30 key national markets in Jilin province, and supporting enterprises in international standard certification, intellectual property application, foreign trade brand publicity and cultivation, and international logistics.


3, Actively support enterprises to carry out investment cooperation


During the epidemic prevention and control period, make full use of the Jilin investment promotion platform and Jilin investment WeChat official account to release the provincial “Double 500” project information. Strengthen the contact with trade associations at home and abroad, carry out cooperative and commercial projects to attract investment, and support all regions to attract investment by network video, WeChat and other ways.


For the foreign enterprises affected by the epidemic outbreak, Jilin province will actively coordinate with the foreign sectors and make overall use of domestic technology, resources and elements to help the enterprises resume work as soon as possible. For the foreign projects affected by the epidemic outbreak, Jilin province will provide relevant information for the foreign investors via the network in a timely manner. Give full play to the roles of the foreign enterprise association and the 12312 hotline to provide foreign enterprises with the much-needed services.