Business Environment Policy


Maintain fair and just market orders 

Further cancel and decentralize administrative approval items, adhere to the combination of management and release, prevent and correct disguised examination and approval, and solve problems such as " obstruction from middle-level cadres " and "last kilometer" in streamlining administration and delegating power, and enterprises and civilians have many certificates and difficulties to handle affairs. Further push the reform of investment procedures, optimize the project processes, reduce the steps, shorten the time limit, and ensure the investment procedures are completed within the promised timeline.Rely on the online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, push the Internet parallel approval. Expand the fields of infrastructure and public utilities franchising in accordance with the principle of "No Prohibition Means Permission, No Restriction Means Allowance". Establish joint conference system of financial support for business promotion, coordinate and promote the early settlement of major financial support for business promotion projects. Standardize industry enterprises electricity consumption reduction, suspend pricing, and lighten the burden of enterprises. Clear up the "red top mediation" and "red top association", and prevent management functions to be transferred or decomposed to public institutions or social intermediary organizations for paid services. Fully detailed the discretion of administrative acts such as administrative punishment, administrative license, administrative confirmation, administrative compulsion, administrative collection, administrative inspection, administrative payment, administrative reward, etc., to formulate clear quantitative standards.

Improve the government service ability and level. Establish and improve the first inquiry accountability system, one-time notification system, AB post replacement system, time limited completion system and negative preparation system, standardize work procedures and strictly enforce service standards. Incorporate the integrity construction into the performance appraisal of governments at all levels, increase the weight of credit appraisal, severely investigate and punish dishonest behavior, and criticize the main leaders of the dishonest government in a circulated notice. Strengthen the tracking service of enterprises (projects), coordinate and solve the actual difficulties in financing loans, production supporting and children enrollment, to solve the worries of enterprises. Rely on the provincial small- and medium-sized enterprises development service centers improving various public welfare services, to provide technical support and professional services for the entrepreneurship and innovation of small- and medium-sized private enterprises.


Establish a soft environment supervision mechanism 

Once a year, the enterprise carries out an assessment of the involved soft departments and publishes the result. Provincial Party committee and provincial government criticize the enterprise whose assessment fails to meet the standards in a circulated notice, and conduct persuasion and admonition to the main principals of the enterprise. If the enterprise fails to meet the standards for two consecutive years, the main principals will be transferred, removed, demoted or transferred to a non-leading position according to the specific situation. Set up a leading group and office for soft environment construction with the Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial governor as the team leaders at the provincial level.


Enhance production service capacity 

Through the ways of government entrustment, purchase services and others, further implement service projects such as policy implementation, industry and finance cooperation, talent support, innovation and entrepreneurship, and market development, strengthen service functions such as policy coordination, market docking, and government assistance, and provide point-to-point, personalized and accurate services for small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Improve government service level 

Implement the "Internet + government service", promote the "one stop" reform, and realize the mechanism of "online consultation, online processing and document delivery", simplify the service procedure, and effectively reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises. Governments at all levels will go to all lengths to save time for major projects. For the projects undergoing environment impact assessment, specific time schedule and guidelines shall be provided. For those listed as major projects, in addition to adequate preparations beforehand, Direct Government Connection and Green Channel shall help a lot in improving efficiency. Procedures involved in environment impact assessment can be optimized, which will shorten the time required.