Land Policy


Except otherwise stipulated by the state, Jilin province implements the industrial land policy for all land users equally. Implement and improve preferential policies for the disposal of land assets involved in the withdrawal of enterprises, merger and reorganization, conversion of enterprises, and suspension of construction projects, to help enterprises get rid of difficulties and upgrade. Support photovoltaic and wind power stations, and other projects to develop unused land resource such as desert and wasteland. Encourage the Suppress the Second Industry and Develop the Third Industry Policy, support the transformation of old urban areas, the relocation of old industrial zones in urban areas and elimination of backward productivity, then use these spare lands to develop the service industry. Enterprises transform into productive service industry encouraged by the state, shall continue to make use of the original land use and right within a period of 5 years. The projects relate to the development of new industries and new forms in rural areas, the land-use plan indicators shall be listed separately, and the industrial projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan, the provincial land-use plan indicators "point supply" shall be implemented. For the key industries defined in the industrial development plan issued by the State Council and its functional departments, the key industries defined in the industrial promotion policies issued by the State Council and its functional departments, the local governments at or above the county level shall give priority to land supply according to the key industries in the region clearly defined in the aforementioned plans and policies, and actively guarantee the land use of small business entrepreneurship bases, science and technology incubators, and business enterprise cluster areas. The land for various industrial projects can be used in the way of long-term lease, lease first and then purchase, and combination of lease and purchase. Encourage all kinds of industrial projects in accordance with relevant regulations to supply land flexibly by methods of leasing, agreement transfer, bid, auction and hang. For foreign invested industrial projects conforming to the regulations of economy and intensification, and the industrial projects of preferential developmental industries determined by our province, shall be carried out according to no less than 70% of the minimum sale price standard of the national industrial land transfer corresponding to the local land grade.