Industry Policy


Support key industries 

For key industry enterprises with annual sales revenue over 1 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan for the first time, offer the interest subsidy with no more than 50% of annual new loan interest. To fully implement financial and tax policies in the fields of comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation, water conservation, and environmental protection (special) equipment, incorporate green energy conservation products into government procurement. Strengthen the cultivation of large and key private enterprises, use existing special funds to promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and support the construction of intelligent manufacturing projects such as smart factories and digital workshops. 


Promote innovative development 

Build a first-class "Think Tank" based on Jilin, which can extend to the Northeast, take the lead of the promotion of industry revitalization, provide consultation and services for the development of enterprises and industries, and offer innovative development ideas and suggestions for government's decision-making. The provincial and local governments will give appropriate awards and subsidies to the enterprises which have successfully merged foreign advanced technology-based enterprises and employed foreign experts. Enterprises which carries out key projects such as key technologies, large-scale production of new products and research and development with innovation, shall be given key supports in accordance with the provincial special funds management measures stipulation. The small technology-based enterprises, whose annual sales revenue of more than 10 million yuan, research and development expenses account for more than 2% of sales revenue, and output value growth rate of more than 10%, shall be given the provincial financial awards and subsidies supports. 


Promote industry upgrade 

Encourage key enterprises to get rid of difficulties through the transformation development, asset and debt restructuring. Enterprises which has successfully turned losses into profits and has a net increase in sales revenue of more than 50 million yuan in the year, offer appropriate financial awards and subsidies in accordance with the "One Enterprise, One Strategy" policy. Focus on solving the resource problems of "zombie enterprises" such as long-term land occupation and real estate in the development zones, to vigorously implement the "zero land investment" mode, and to support the newly settled projects (enterprises) to activate idle resources by renting, purchasing and shareholding. Push the joint construction of industrial parks by central enterprises and Jilin province, and accelerate traditional industry transformation and upgrade. The industrial parks which are constructed by both central enterprises and the local government shall be directly identified as provincial-level featured industrial parks and supported with financial policies such as provincial-level special funds. Support manufacturing enterprises to strengthen technological transformation, promote the construction of major industrial projects, improve intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, sophisticated manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing capabilities by using provincial-level special funds for the development of key industries. 


Reduce enterprises costs 

Strictly implement the stipulations of reducing and exempting various charges, the collection of corporate social insurance contributions and the policy of corporate social insurance subsidies for employment, to make every effort to promote enterprises to reduce costs. Support key private enterprises to trade with large electricity users directly, encourage to establish various types of electricity sales companies, and sell electricity to general enterprises in key industrial parks. Push the construction of one level-1, eleven level-2 and sixteen level-3 logistics node cities in the four major logistics regions of the province, to build a logistics hub system.