Talent Introduction Policy

2019-12-12    JL.gov

Confirm identity 

For introduced top talents at home and abroad, national leading talents and ministerial leading talents implementing "One Person One Strategy", "One Project One Discussion" and the “Special Matter Especially Manages” policies, and providing free assistant services for provincial leading talents. Focus on ensuring the demands for the introduced talents in universities and colleges, research institutes and other public institutions. The top talents are from home and abroad shall be recruited directly. The national leading talents with outstanding achievements shall be recruited directly as special secondary professional and technical posts, the ministerial leading and provincial leading talents, doctoral graduates with outstanding achievements, high-skilled talents and innovative and entrepreneurial talents with technology transformation achievements, shall be directly identified as professional titles. High-skilled talents shall be directly incorporated into the provincial selection scope of young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with outstanding achievements. The high-level talents in public institutions who has part-time work of innovative and entrepreneurial in enterprises can apply for the recognition of advanced vocational skill level. The high-skilled talents in enterprise who has part-time work of professional and technical in universities, colleges and research institutes can apply for the corresponding level of professional titles.


Salary and benefits 

The salary of top talents in universities, colleges and research institutes, and the salary of national leading talents can be increased by two grades according to the specified standard, the salary of ministerial leading talents and provincial leading talents can be increased by one grade, the growth rate of talent performance salary can be increased by 10%, and major contributions shall be rewarded. The introduced talents who have signed the formal employment contract with the employer for more than 5 years, shall be given relocation allowance (after tax), the top talents are from home and abroad shall be given 2 million yuan, the national leading talents shall be given 1.2 million yuan, the ministerial leading talents shall be given 600,000 yuan, the provincial leading talents shall be given 300,000 yuan, and the basic practical talents shall be given 30,000-100,000 yuan. Increase the support for innovative and entrepreneurial talents in key pillar industry, advantageous industry and emerging industry. According to the comprehensive assessment, 40 people will be selected to offer subsidy every year with 200,000-500,000 yuan per person, of which the proportion of under 45 years old talents is not less than 30%, and the units of the sponsored can match the project funds according to the subsidy amount of 1:1.  


Encourage innovation 

Provide continuous support to provincial technology innovation centers, key laboratories, incubators and other technology platforms which are assessed as excellent. For enterprises founded by innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the province and projects of scientific research achievements are transformed and implemented in the province, each project shall be given an investment equity of 1-10 million yuan. Encourage and support all regions to establish entrepreneurial incubation base (Universities and College Graduates Entrepreneurial Park), innovation and entrepreneurship training base and universities and college graduates innovation and entrepreneurship space, and provide grant special funds subsidies every year if they meet the provincial standards, with matched support from their regions.


Financial support 

The scientific research projects budget and the adjustment right shall be transferred to the undertaker. Encourage qualified research institutes to set up technology enterprises, reduce the staffing funds of scientific research institutions by no more than 50% according to their production and operation conditions. The shortage of personnel funds shall be supplemented by production or income generation, and 50% of the balance shall be turned over to the financial apartment, and the rest 50% shall be used as rewards or the funds for scientific research, production and development. For qualified high-tech enterprises and advanced technology-service enterprises, the Enterprise Income Tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%. Stipulated taxation on the equity rewards given to individuals for the transformation of scientific and technology achievements by high-tech enterprises and small- and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises shall be deferred to the time when equity dividends are obtained or the equity is transferred.


Social security 

Actively apply to the Ministry of Public Security for the suspension of residence policy for foreign talents, and allow foreign students who set up business in Changchun New Area to apply for residence permit of private affairs. Foreign talents are from registered enterprises can apply for work permit and work residence permit. Foreigners who achieve the specified standards of salary, tax payment, length of employment can apply for permanent residence permit, and gradually extend to the whole province. According to the will of introduced talents, arranging their children to study in the local school and their family members employment. Set up a “Talents return to Jilin” talent liaison service office in the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jilin Province, and a “Talents return to Jilin” special contribution award for innovation and entrepreneurship.