Implement supervision policy


Propagate and inform the policies and measures of economy development in China and Jilin province, and implement the monthly scheduling and report notification mechanism. Regularly invite deputies to the People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference members and private entrepreneurs to inspect and inquire, assess the provincial government relevant departments, units, city and county governments, make a list of problems, strengthen tracking and supervision. Focus on clearing up the "government commitment" in financial support for business promotion, project construction and enterprise development, solving the problems of government commitment and contract non-fulfillment, JQK phenomenon, government's dishonesty infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and urging the government departments with poor implementation to rectify with a time limit. The main leaders of the provincial government hold special meetings every quarter to promote the implementation of private economic policies and solve major problems. The supervision office of the provincial government is responsible for carrying out the supervision and revisit of the implementation of the private economic policies, and the provincial soft environment office is responsible for the assessment of the development environment of the local private economy.