Preferential Policies


Industry Policy

Support key industries

For key industry enterprises with annual sales revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan for the first time, offer the interest subsidy with no more than 50% of annual new loan interest. To fully implement financial and tax policies in the fields of comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation, water conservation and environmental protection (special) equipment, incorporate green energy conservation products into government procurement. Strengthen the cultivation of large and key private enterprises, use existing special funds to promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, and support the construction of intelligent manufacturing projects such as smart factories and digital workshops.

Boost innovative development

Build a first-class "Think Tank" based on Jilin, which can extend to the Northeast, take the lead of the promotion of industry revitalization, provide consultation and services for the development of enterprises and industries, and offer innovative development ideas and suggestions for government's decision-making. The provincial and local governments will give appropriate awards and subsidies to the enterprises which have successfully merged foreign advanced technology enterprises and employed foreign experts. Enterprises which carries out key projects such as key technologies, large-scale production of new products and research and development with innovation, shall be given key supports in accordance with the provincial special funds management measures stipulation. The small-sized technology enterprises, with annual sales revenue exceeding 10 million yuan, research and development expenses accounting for over 2% of sales revenue and output value growth rate of more than 10%, shall be given the provincial financial awards and subsidies supports.

Promote industry upgrade

Encourage key enterprises to get rid of difficulties through the transformation development, asset and debt restructuring. Enterprises which has successfully turned losses into profits and has a net increase in sales revenue of more than 50 million yuan in the year, offer appropriate financial awards and subsidies in accordance with the "One Enterprise, One Strategy" policy. Focus on solving the resource problems of "zombie enterprises" such as long-term land occupation and real estate in the development zones, to vigorously implement the "zero land investment" mode, and to support the newly settled projects (enterprises) to activate idle resources by renting, purchasing and shareholding. Push the joint construction of industrial parks by central enterprises and Jilin province, and accelerate traditional industry transformation and upgrade. The industrial parks built by both central enterprises and local governments shall be directly identified as provincial-level featured industrial parks and supported with financial policies such as provincial-level special funds. Support manufacturing enterprises to strengthen technological transformation, promote the construction of major industrial projects, improve intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, sophisticated manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing capabilities by using provincial-level special funds for the development of key industries.

Reduce enterprises costs

Strictly implement the stipulations of reducing and exempting various charges, the collection of corporate social insurance contributions and the policy of corporate social insurance subsidies for employment, to make every effort to promote enterprises to reduce costs. Support key private enterprises to trade with large electricity users directly, encourage to establish various types of electricity sales companies, and sell electricity to general enterprises in key industrial parks. Push the construction of one level-1, eleven level-2 and sixteen level-3 logistics node cities in the four major logistics regions of the province, to build a logistics hub system.

Ice and Snow Industry Policy

Support infrastructure

Focus on supporting the construction of infrastructure and public service platforms related to ice and snow tourism, sports and cultural industry clusters, and then enjoy the provincial Modern Services Industry Cluster Policy after being identified.

Guarantee key land use

Incorporate the land of ice and snow industry into urban and rural planning, overall land-use planning and annual land-use planning, and prioritize land-use needs. Ice and snow tourism projects use barren mountains, wasteland and desolate beach, prioritize the planning indicators of new construction land. Minimum sale price of land shall be determined according to the principle of no less than the sum of land acquisition cost, land pre-development cost and relevant fees to be charged according to the planning. Support enterprises and units to use the construction land and stock of real estate acquired by the original allocation way, set up ice and snow site facilities with the premise of meeting the planning requirements, and continue to use the land by allocation for non-profit ice and snow site projects that meet the catalogue of allocated land.

Reduce tax rate

For the high-tech enterprises engaged in the ice and snow industry that are identified as qualified, the Enterprise Income Tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%. Social organizations which provide sports, tourism and cultural services identified as non-profit, shall enjoy relevant preferential policies in accordance with the law. Advertising expenditure of sports, tourism and cultural enterprises that meet the requirements can be pre-tax deducted in accordance with the law; creative and design expenditures that meet the requirements can be pre-tax deducted in accordance with the law. Newly established service enterprises in the provincial Modern Services Industry Cluster Area shall be exempted from the Real Estate Tax and the Urban Land Use Tax within 3 years.


Land Policy

Except otherwise stipulated by the state, Jilin province implements the industrial land policy for all land users equally. Implement and improve preferential policies for the disposal of land assets involved in the withdrawal of enterprises, merger and reorganization, conversion of enterprises, and suspension of construction projects, to help enterprises get rid of difficulties and upgrade. Support photovoltaic and wind power stations, and other projects to develop unused land resource such as desert and wasteland. Encourage the Suppress the Second Industry and Develop the Third Industry Policy, support the transformation of old urban areas, the relocation of old industrial zones in urban areas and elimination of backward productivity, then use these spare lands to develop the service industry. Enterprises transform into productive service industry encouraged by the state, shall continue to make use of the original land use and right within a period of 5 years. The projects relate to the development of new industries and new forms in rural areas, the land-use plan indicators shall be listed separately, and the industrial projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan, the provincial land-use plan indicators "point supply" shall be implemented. For the key industries defined in the industrial development plan issued by the State Council and its functional departments, the key industries defined in the industrial promotion policies issued by the State Council and its functional departments, the local governments at or above the county level shall give priority to land supply according to the key industries in the region clearly defined in the aforementioned plans and policies, and actively guarantee the land use of small business entrepreneurship bases, science and technology incubators, and business enterprise cluster areas. The land for various industrial projects can be used in the way of long-term lease, lease first and then purchase, and combination of lease and purchase. Encourage all kinds of industrial projects in accordance with relevant regulations to supply land flexibly by methods of leasing, agreement transfer, bid, auction and hang. For foreign invested industrial projects conforming to the regulations of economy and intensification, and the industrial projects of preferential developmental industries determined by our province, shall be carried out according to no less than 70% of the minimum sale price standard of the national industrial land transfer corresponding to the local land grade.

Tax Policy

Increase comprehensive credit methods that without distinguishing countries (regions) or items, and eliminate the problem of insufficient credit in some enterprises. Appropriately expand the credit level range, from three levels to five levels, which can make the taxpayers credit more sufficiently and reduce the overall tax burden of overseas income in enterprises to promote the combination of utilizing foreign capital and foreign investment. Foreign investors make a profit from domestic resident enterprises in China and directly invest in encouraged investment projects, the deferred tax policy shall be implemented and the Withholding Income Tax of 10% shall not be levied temporarily. For the identified as advanced technology-service enterprises in China, the Enterprise Income Tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%, and the expense for staff education that meet the requirements shall be pre-tax deducted. Taxpayers provide technology transfer, technology development and related technology consultation and services shall be exempted from Value-Added Tax(VAT).


As for recognized software manufacturing enterprises as general VAT payer selling the software products autonomously developed, the policy of refunding upon payment of VAT is carried out for the part with the actual VAT burden over 3% after VAT is imposed by the rate of 17%.


Talent Introduction Policy


Confirm identity

For introduced top talents at home and abroad, national leading talents and ministerial leading talents implementing "One Person One Strategy", "One Project One Discussion" and the “Special Matter Especially Manages” policies, and providing free assistant services for provincial leading talents. Focus on ensuring the demands for the introduced talents in universities and colleges, research institutes and other public institutions. The top talents are from home and abroad shall be recruited directly. The national leading talents with outstanding achievements shall be recruited directly as special secondary professional and technical posts, the ministerial leading and provincial leading talents, doctoral graduates with outstanding achievements, high-skilled talents and innovative and entrepreneurial talents with technology transformation achievements, shall be directly identified as professional titles. High-skilled talents shall be directly incorporated into the provincial selection scope of young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with outstanding achievements. The high-level talents in public institutions who has part-time work of innovative and entrepreneurial in enterprises can apply for the recognition of advanced vocational skill level. The high-skilled talents in enterprise who has part-time work of professional and technical in universities, colleges and research institutes can apply for the corresponding level of professional titles.

Salary and benefits

The salary of top talents in universities, colleges and research institutes, and the salary of national leading talents can be increased by two grades according to the specified standard, the salary of ministerial leading talents and provincial leading talents can be increased by one grade, the growth rate of talent performance salary can be increased by 10%, and major contributions shall be rewarded. The introduced talents who have signed the formal employment contract with the employer for more than 5 years, shall be given relocation allowance (after tax), the top talents are from home and abroad shall be given 2 million yuan, the national leading talents shall be given 1.2 million yuan, the ministerial leading talents shall be given 600,000 yuan, the provincial leading talents shall be given 300,000 yuan, and the basic practical talents shall be given 30,000-100,000 yuan. Increase the support for innovative and entrepreneurial talents in key pillar industry, advantageous industry and emerging industry. According to the comprehensive assessment, 40 people will be selected to offer subsidy every year with 200,000-500,000 yuan per person, of which the proportion of under 45 years old talents is not less than 30%, and the units of the sponsored can match the project funds according to the subsidy amount of 1:1.

Encourage innovation

Provide continuous support to provincial technology innovation centers, key laboratories, incubators and other technology platforms which are assessed as excellent. For enterprises founded by innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the province and projects of scientific research achievements are transformed and implemented in the province, each project shall be given an investment equity of 1-10 million yuan. Encourage and support all regions to establish entrepreneurial incubation base (Universities and College Graduates Entrepreneurial Park), innovation and entrepreneurship training base and universities and college graduates innovation and entrepreneurship space, and provide grant special funds subsidies every year if they meet the provincial standards, with matched support from their regions.


Financial support

The scientific research projects budget and the adjustment right shall be transferred to the undertaker. Encourage qualified research institutes to set up technology enterprises, reduce the staffing funds of scientific research institutions by no more than 50% according to their production and operation conditions. The shortage of personnel funds shall be supplemented by production or income generation, and 50% of the balance shall be turned over to the financial apartment, and the rest 50% shall be used as rewards or the funds for scientific research, production and development. For qualified high-tech enterprises and advanced technology-service enterprises, the Enterprise Income Tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15%. Stipulated taxation on the equity rewards given to individuals for the transformation of scientific and technology achievements by high-tech enterprises and small- and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises shall be deferred to the time when equity dividends are obtained or the equity is transferred.


Social security

Actively apply to the Ministry of Public Security for the suspension of residence policy for foreign talents, and allow foreign students who set up business in Changchun New Area to apply for residence permit of private affairs. Foreign talents are from registered enterprises can apply for work permit and work residence permit. Foreigners who achieve the specified standards of salary, tax payment, length of employment can apply for permanent residence permit, and gradually extend to the whole province. According to the will of introduced talents, arranging their children to study in the local school and their family members employment. Set up a “Talents return to Jilin” talent liaison service office in the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jilin Province, and a “Talents return to Jilin” special contribution award for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Financial Policy


Support industry financing

Promote the introduction and establishment of various types of private equity funds, venture capital funds and angel investment funds, and guide various types of equity funds to support enterprises transformation and upgrade, quality and efficiency, and development innovation. Guide banking financial institutions to carry out innovative finance services for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, such as bill financing. Support qualified private enterprises to realize bond financing through issuing bond certificate. Establish and improve the bond issuance enterprise library, implement the bond issuance award policy, and expand the bond issuance scale of private enterprises. Strive to reduce the average guarantee rate of financing guarantee institutions to less than 1.5%.


Support business financing

Encourage financial institutions to provide credit support to foreign trade enterprises of agricultural products, and the government will take the lead of opening financing business of "agricultural insurance fund pool" to provide enhancement credit to enterprises. Continue to support enterprises to participate in the " micro- and small-sized enterprise credit insurance" project of the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, and expand the scope of supporting enterprises from the original annual export amount of under 3 million US dollars to 10 million US dollars. Adopt the micro- and small-sized enterprise credit insurance and small- and medium-sized enterprise insurance policies to provide full support to enterprise premiums, and offer no more than 70% premium support to other enterprises with short-term trade insurance.


Build financial platforms

Further build and improve the Northeast Asia Financial Headquarters Base (referred to as the "Base"). Newly established or newly settled foreign corporate financial institutions with registered capital of equal or more than 1 billion yuan shall be subsidized 10 million yuan at one time, financial institutions with registered capital of 500 million yuan-1 billion yuan shall be subsidized 5 million yuan at one time, financial institutions with registered capital of 200 million yuan-500 million yuan shall be subsidized 3 million yuan at one time. The newly established provincial branches of banking institutions in the Base, the business headquarters or the operation centers established separately by the headquarters of financial institutions, shall be subsidized 3 million yuan at one time, the provincial branches of other new financial institutions, shall be subsidized 1 million yuan at one time. The newly established qualified small loan companies, financing guarantee institutions and equity investment funds in the Base shall be subsidized 1 million yuan at one time, the newly established branches of national famous credit rating agencies, accounting firms and law firms which established in the Base shall be subsidized 300,000 yuan. The corporate financial institutions that were originally located in other regions of Jilin province and later moved into the Base with registered capital of equal or more than 1 billion yuan shall be subsidized 2 million yuan at one time, those with registered capital of 500 million yuan-1 billion yuan shall be subsidized 1 million yuan at one time, those with registered capital of 200 million yuan-500 million yuan shall be subsidized 500,000 yuan at one time. The provincial branches of banking institutions that were originally located in other regions of Jilin province and later moved into the Base, as well as the business headquarters and operation centers separately established by the headquarters of financial institutions, shall be subsidized 500,000 yuan at one time, the provincial branches of other newly established financial institutions shall be subsidized 300,000 yuan at one time. The newly settled corporate headquarters and regional headquarters of financial institutions which build office buildings by themselves, shall be prioritized the guarantee of land supply, which entrust to build or purchase office buildings with a designated development company shall be given a preferential price. The corporate headquarters and regional headquarters of financial institutions, financial institutions or financial supporting service institutions, which rent office buildings of designated development companies, shall be given appropriate subsidy funds within three years by the local government. All of the above are priority to meet their needs in water supply, electricity supply, gas supply, communication, parking, etc. Open up a "green channel" for the introduced talents who are urgently needed, and provide assistance and support by the way of "One Project One Discussion" and the “Special Matter Especially Manages” policies. Provide care and subsidy for the senior managers and professional technicians of financial institutions if they need abroad business trips, rent subsidy, family relocation procedures, medical care, and children's enrollment.


Customs Policy


Entry samples can be added in the directory of research and development enterprises and institutions and supervised conveniently if they are needed by research and development enterprises and institutions. Except it is necessary to implement risk pre-assessment for pilot enterprises and relevant samples according to relevant regulations, pre-assessment is generally not required. If pre-assessment is really necessary, the procedure shall be further simplified. Low-risk entry samples are allowed to be approved once and verified several times. Further optimize the inspection formalities and procedure of entry samples, and implement a risk grading supervision mode. The qualified products and enterprises can be inspected at the place of arrival according to their will. The low-risk entry samples of credit enterprises above level B, can be monitored by remote video, and inspected by the enterprises themselves according to the inspection and quarantine requirements.


Business Environment Policy


Maintain fair and just market orders

Further cancel and decentralize administrative approval items, adhere to the combination of management and release, prevent and correct disguised examination and approval, and solve problems such as " obstruction from middle-level cadres " and "last kilometer" in streamlining administration and delegating power, and enterprises and civilians have many certificates and difficulties to handle affairs. Further push the reform of investment procedures, optimize the project processes, reduce the steps, shorten the time limit, and ensure the investment procedures are completed within the promised timeline.。Rely on the online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, push the Internet parallel approval. Expand the fields of infrastructure and public utilities franchising in accordance with the principle of "No Prohibition Means Permission, No Restriction Means Allowance". Establish joint conference system of financial support for business promotion, coordinate and promote the early settlement of major financial support for business promotion projects. Standardize industry enterprises electricity consumption reduction, suspend pricing, and lighten the burden of enterprises. Clear up the "red top mediation" and "red top association", and prevent management functions to be transferred or decomposed to public institutions or social intermediary organizations for paid services. Fully detailed the discretion of administrative acts such as administrative punishment, administrative license, administrative confirmation, administrative compulsion, administrative collection, administrative inspection, administrative payment, administrative reward, etc., to formulate clear quantitative standards.

Improve the government service ability and level. Establish and improve the first inquiry accountability system, one-time notification system, AB post replacement system, time limited completion system and negative preparation system, standardize work procedures and strictly enforce service standards. Incorporate the integrity construction into the performance appraisal of governments at all levels, increase the weight of credit appraisal, severely investigate and punish dishonest behavior, and criticize the main leaders of the dishonest government in a circulated notice. Strengthen the tracking service of enterprises (projects), coordinate and solve the actual difficulties in financing loans, production supporting and children enrollment, to solve the worries of enterprises. Rely on the provincial small- and medium-sized enterprises development service centers improving various public welfare services, to provide technical support and professional services for the entrepreneurship and innovation of small- and medium-sized private enterprises.


Establish a soft environment supervision mechanism

Once a year, the enterprise carries out an assessment of the involved soft departments and publishes the result. Provincial Party committee and provincial government criticize the enterprise whose assessment fails to meet the standards in a circulated notice, and conduct persuasion and admonition to the main principals of the enterprise. If the enterprise fails to meet the standards for two consecutive years, the main principals will be transferred, removed, demoted or transferred to a non-leading position according to the specific situation. Set up a leading group and office for soft environment construction with the Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial governor as the team leaders at the provincial level.


Enhance production service capacity

Through the ways of government entrustment, purchase services and others, further implement service projects such as policy implementation, industry and finance cooperation, talent support, innovation and entrepreneurship, and market development, strengthen service functions such as policy coordination, market docking, and government assistance, and provide point-to-point, personalized and accurate services for small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Improve government service level

Implement the "Internet + government service", promote the "one stop" reform, and realize the mechanism of "online consultation, online processing and document delivery", simplify the service procedure, and effectively reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises. Governments at all levels will go to all lengths to save time for major projects. For the projects undergoing environment impact assessment, specific time schedule and guidelines shall be provided. For those listed as major projects, in addition to adequate preparations beforehand, Direct Government Connection and Green Channel shall help a lot in improving efficiency. Procedures involved in environment impact assessment can be optimized, which will shorten the time required.


Implement supervision policy


Propagate and inform the policies and measures of economy development in China and Jilin province, and implement the monthly scheduling and report notification mechanism. Regularly invite deputies to the People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference members and private entrepreneurs to inspect and inquire, assess the provincial government relevant departments, units, city and county governments, make a list of problems, strengthen tracking and supervision. Focus on clearing up the "government commitment" in financial support for business promotion, project construction and enterprise development, solving the problems of government commitment and contract non-fulfillment, JQK phenomenon, government's dishonesty infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and urging the government departments with poor implementation to rectify with a time limit. The main leaders of the provincial government hold special meetings every quarter to promote the implementation of private economic policies and solve major problems. The supervision office of the provincial government is responsible for carrying out the supervision and revisit of the implementation of the private economic policies, and the provincial soft environment office is responsible for the assessment of the development environment of the local private economy.