Wu Jingping


Assignment of Responsibilities

Responsible for government regular work; and assisting the governor to deal with work related to development and reform, finance, human resources and social security, emergency management, statistics, health care, administrative office management, government services and digitization development, soft environment construction and taxation.


Wu Jingping, male, Han ethnicity, born in August 1963, is from Choahu, Anhui Province. He joined the Communist Party of China (CPC)in May 1984 and began to work in July 1984. Majoring in ideological and political education, he graduated with a master’s degree from Tsinghua University’s Department of Social Science. Later he received a PhD in Economics. In terms of academic ranks, he is a lecturer.

As of May 2018, he serves as a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and vice governor of Jilin province.