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www.jl.gov.cn, the Official Website of Jilin province is authorized by the People's Government of Jilin province and operated and maintained by General Office of the provincial government and organized jointly by the others departments of the provincial government.The Public Information Center is in charges of the routine operation and management. 

It is a gateway to all Jilin provincial government information and services, and an interactive channel between government and the public. It is of great importance to promoting the opening of government affairs, further transforming government functions, performing all governmental duties in accordance with laws, consciously accepting the intendance of the general public, improving the government's style of work and perfecting the overall quality of public servants.

The website dedicates to provide all foreign governments, organizations and individuals who have interests in Jilin's development and those foreign friends who currently study, work and travel in Jilin province with comprehensive, accurate and timely information for work, life and entertainment.

Ⅰ. Purpose of the Website

The website aims to introduce Jilin information, to strength the exchanges, cooperation and friendship between Jilin and the rest of the world through the Internet in English.

Ⅱ. Target Visitors of the Website

The website is designed to serve the foreign community in Jilin province which includes organizations like foreign embassies, companies, news agencies and international organizations and individuals like foreign experts, students and tourists. It also targets overseas branches of Chinese government organizations, embassies, trade missions and non-government groups.  

Its English version, www.jl.gov.cn/zt/english/ , was formally opened again to public on March ______, 2008. As the general platform for message distribution of all the province agencies,   the official website opens a window for all the province agencies to connect their intranets with the world.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about www.jl.gov.cn to help us improve the portal and serve you even better

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