The World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention


The World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention, being the greatest of its kind in size, standard and influence, serves as a major strategic platform, with support from the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Jilin provincial government, to attract Jilin entrepreneurs to invest home. The so-called Jilin entrepreneurs fall into the following broad categories: entrepreneurs who were born and are still running their business in Jilin province, entrepreneurs who were Jilin-born but are doing their business elsewhere, entrepreneurs who come from other places but invest in Jilin province, and entrepreneurs who worked, lived or studied in Jilin Province and still show concern for Jilin’s development. Bayanqolu, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, summarizes Jilin entrepreneurs’ spirit, speaking highly of their sense of obligation, pioneer spirit, competence for innovation and the grateful heart. Focusing on promotion of Jilin entrepreneurs’ spirit, each of the three already held conventions features a prominent theme, which centers around making efforts together to promote revitalization of Jilin province. The 4th World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention is scheduled for August, 2019, during the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo.