Profound Cultural Background


Regional literature and arts are of long standing in Jilin and represented by Changbai Mountain and black earth culture. Jilin province is famous for "the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art", "the hometown of modern Chinese folk painting", "the hometown of Chinese morin khuur ", "the hometown of Chinese lute", "the hometown of Chinese Songhua inkstone". Changchun Film Studio is the cradle of Chinese films and produces excellent classic films and many famous film artists.

Jilin province has 79 cultural centers (including mass art centers), 40 art performance groups, 66 public libraries and 107 museums with 11.19 million visitors throughout one year. At present, there are 1 National Cultural Industry Park, 8 cultural industry demonstration bases and 9 provincial cultural industry parks in Jilin province. The song-and-dance duet in Northeast China, called Errenzhuan in Chinese, is named "national cultural industry demonstration base" by the Ministry of Culture. Song-and-dance, films and television dramas and animations in Jilin have strong regional characteristics in nationwide. The province's cultural industry has burst out an unprecedented vigor and vitality, and is becoming a new growth point of economy in Jilin.