Convenient Transportation


With the rapid development of highway, railway and civil aviation, Jilin province has formed a modern three-dimensional transportation network with Changchun city as the center, highway, railway and aviation connecting the major cities in the province and radiating to large or medium-sized cities in the mainland of China.



The railway in Jilin province is crisscross with a mileage of 4868.89 kilometers, including 470 kilometers of high-speed railway. With Changchun city as the center, the rail route goes through Changda, Changha, Changtu and Changbai and radiates to all directions. Hunchun railway is connected with Russian railway. Jilin province also operated an international freight train between Changchun, Manzhouli, and Germany.



The total mileage of highways in the whole province is 103,900 km, grade highways is 98,900 km, and expressways is 3119.00 km. With Changchun as the center, the highway is a radial network and leads to the inside and outside of the province. Changchun is about 700km away from Dalian port, 500km away from Yingkou port and 589km away from Zarubino port in Russia.



With Changchun Longjia International Airport as the center, the aviation network radiates to neighboring countries and regions with 156 routes currently. International routes are operated with Seoul, Tokyo, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka and Hong Kong. Baishan Airport and Yanji Airport become important domestic tourist airports.



River transportation in Jilin has a total inland navigation mileage of more than 1600 kilometers. Da'an port is a national first-class inland port with an annual throughput capacity of 1 million tons. It can reach some ports in the Russian Far East and enter the Sea of Japan by waterway.