Rich Natural Resources



Jilin province is located in Songliao plain, known as " the home of black earth" and it is one of the three famous black soil belts in the world. The arable land of the whole province is 5.5346 million hectares, accounting for 29.5% of the provincial total with the per capita arable land is 0.3 hectares, which twice the national average and almost equal to the world’s average.



Jilin province is an important forestry base in China with forest land area of 9.299 million hectares, forest coverage rate of 43.9%, and a total volume of 971 million cubic meters of living trees. Changbai Mountain area, known as "Changbai Forest Sea”, is one of the six major forest regions in China.



There are 158 kinds of mineral resources (including sub-minerals) found in Jilin province with 115 kinds have been proved reserves, such as oil shale, diatomite, wollastonite, volcanic slag, nickel, molybdenum, uranium reserves in the forefront of the country. Wollastonite reserve ranks first in nationwide. Changbai Mountain area is rich in mineral water resources with the largest and best mineral water resources in the country and the total allowable mining volume ranks first. It is known as one of the world's top three mineral water enrichment areas as well as the European Alps and the Russian Caucasus.



Jilin province is one of the eight pastoral areas in China with an existing grassland area of 5.842 million hectares. Because of the rich grassland resources, Jilin province is one of the important bases for the development of animal husbandry.


Wild Vegetation

Jilin province has a well-developed diversity of biological species with 3890 wild plant species have been identified, accounting for 13% of the national plant species. There are more than 350 species of wild edible plants. The eastern Changbai Mountain area is rich in wild medicinal herbs, known as one of China's three major natural medicine treasure troves, including Ganoderma lucidum, hawthorn, Schisandra chinensis, Boschniakia rossica, Rhodiola rosea and so on.



There are 1,648 rivers and 1397 lakes flowing across Jilin province, covering 265,500 hectares with 98 large and medium-sized reservoirs and 40.4 billion cubic meters of water resources.



The proven reserves of coal resources are 2.67 billion tons in Jilin province with 970 million tons of recoverable reserves. 108.6 billion tons of oil shale ranks first in China. Jilin province also has 1.56 billion tons of crude oil, 189.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 20.8 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane, 5.744 million kilowatts of exploitable water energy, 200 million kilowatts of potential wind energy, 43 million tons of crop straw annually and 80 million kilowatts of solar energy.