Policy interpretation: industrial layout of China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone

2020-07-02    JL.gov

Recently, according to Chen Yunwu, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone is to strengthen the international cooperation and exchanges on public health and promote the construction of cooperation projects in the fields of medicines supply, medical devices, protective equipment and emergency supply. Enterprises and institutions at home and abroad are encouraged to conduct cooperation in the fields of bio-pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical chemicals, to introduce new antibody drugs, new immunotherapy drugs and new biomedical materials, and to build production bases for contract processing and outsourcing of bio-pharmaceuticals. The demonstration zone is to establish high-end medical institutions in a cooperative way and foster a new business form of health preservation by focusing on health examination, treatment and recovery of chronic and geriatric diseases, as well as advanced medical technology. Support is provided for the demonstration zone to introduce core technologies for the fields of clinical diagnosis, recovery and old-age support and to build R&D, testing and production bases of medical devices. In view of the special items for the global collaborative research and development of biological medicine, the quarantine and inspection procedures are to be improved, and the green channel for the material, reagent and equipment imports for new drug research, development and application is to be set up. International cooperation is to be conducted in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

The demonstration zone plans to develop the information technology, high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing and other characteristic industries in a cooperative way. Strengthen the cooperation with South Korean enterprises and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and support the industrial cooperation in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, industrial internet, 5G+VR/4K and software development. Actively promote the cooperation in the fields of compound semiconductor, power semiconductor (IGBT, etc.), chip, new display supporting material and smart home appliance. Focus on pushing the international cooperation in such industries as industrial robot, service robot, additive printing, intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent control system, intelligent instrument and meter, new energy and intelligent connected vehicle, energy conservation and environmental protection, and ice & snow equipment. Accelerate the construction of industrial robot manufacturing industrial parks and plan to build intelligent environmental protection equipment industrial parks, intelligent agricultural machinery equipment industrial parks and ice & snow equipment manufacturing industrial parks. Support the development of key auto parts industry for new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles in the demonstration zone.
The demonstration zone plans cooperation in the fields of culture, sports and education. Outstanding cultural and creative enterprises of China and South Korea are encouraged to cooperate in the production and performance of cultural products. Relevant enterprises and South Korean enterprises are supported to conduct cooperation in promoting the digitization of radio, film and television, the construction of new media and the integration of industry and education. Expand the cooperation between China and South Korea in training high-level talents and research institutions. Support the enterprises of the two countries to jointly build laboratories, technology testing and demonstration bases, science and technology demonstration parks and industrial design service centers. Support the well-known universities and colleges of the two countries to conduct high-level cooperation in running schools in the demonstration zone and to explore mutual recognition of academic degrees and professional qualifications. Promote vocational education institutions to conduct exchanges and cooperation and support foreign-invested vocational skills training institutions. Push the establishment of the China-ROK international entrepreneurship and innovation base for training talents. Support South Korean tourism agencies to set up branches in the demonstration zone, promote the formation of tourism enterprise alliances and actively develop cross-border tourism. Relying on the characteristic tourism resources such as ecological ice and snow, automobile industry and film culture, the tourism enterprises in the demonstration zone are supported to cooperate with international well-known tourism enterprises in the design and development of tourism products. South Korean leisure sports institutions are supported to set up regional headquarters in the demonstration zone to carry out exchanges and cooperation in sports and fitness.