Modern Service Sectors


Jilin has witnessed rapid development of service sectors in recent years. At present, a comprehensive reform of service sectors is going on in Jilin province, which involves breaking administrative monopoly and industry regulation, eliminating price discrimination step by step, relaxing control over market entry, innovating investing and financing manners, and enhancing development vitality.


Modern Service Sectors——Financial Industry

At present, Jilin province is striving to improve the ecological environment of financial industry, promote industrial agglomeration and product innovation, improve market financing capacity, and enhance the support of finance for the development of entity economy, infrastructure, public services and people's livelihood.


Modern Service Sectors——Modern Logistics Industry

Jilin province is focusing on accelerating the ten major projects of modern logistics, developing the third-party logistics, guiding production enterprises to speed up the specialized separation and outsourcing of service links, and promoting the extension and innovation of the logistics industry chain.


Modern Service Sectors——E-Commerce Industry

Jilin province is making efforts to promote the construction of e-commerce demonstration cities, demonstration bases, and demonstration enterprises, foster characteristic industrial clusters and leading enterprises, and promote the development of e-commerce platforms such as Ouya E-mall, gogo-le, Yiwang, and Jilin Rice. In addition, work is done to encourage e-commerce enterprises and large-scale leading distribution firms to develop rural e-commerce, build pilot venues for e-commerce in villages and towns, promote the cooperation of counties and cities with domestically well-known e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, JD, and YHD to build characteristic pavilions, set up distinctive agricultural e-commerce industry chain, and create two-way distribution channels in urban and rural areas.


Modern Service Sectors——Senior Care

Jilin province encourages social force to create institutions which provide senior care services, and advocates the “migratory birds” model. Work is done to boost the integration of senior care services with medical care, health, real estate, finance, tourism and culture. A number of characteristic elderly care industrial parks are constructed, which highlight ecological health care in Tonghua, ethnic customs in Yanbian, hot spring health care in Wanchang, and holiday making in Fusong. The province also pushes out services and products suitable for the elderly, such as emergency call, health consultation, goods purchasing and walking aids, rehabilitation aids, and nursing equipment, so as to prosper the consumer market of elderly care services.