Metallurgical Industry, Building Materials Industry, and Light Textile Industry


Blessed with three iron mines with reserves of over 100 million tons, Jilin province is rich in metal mineral resources, which are distributed in in Yanbian, Baishan and Huadian. The reserves of magnesium dolomite rank first in China, nickel the second, and molybdenum takes the second place in Asia. Jilin province has worked to promote the establishment of metallurgical industry alliance, focus on the development of high-quality steel series, speed up the development of high-purity, high-composite special ferroalloy products, actively develop large-scale high-power, ultra-high-power graphite electrode products, and strengthen the development and comprehensive utilization of nickel, magnesium and other characteristic minerals. Efforts are also made to develop automobile glass and high-end optical glass industries, accelerate the development and industrialization of illite and diatomite, and integrate the development of new wall materials for architectural industrialization. Intelligent, digital and networked light textile products are developed, the product structure concerning furniture and wood products, paper, plastic products, and leather products is adjusted, high-performance fibers, new textile materials and green ecological textiles are developed at a more rapid race, and increased application of textiles is expected to be seen in the emerging strategic industries related to new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.