Big Data Industry


Digitized Industries

Digital technology is used to perform an overhaul, bringing vigor and vitality to the traditional industries. The three systems of modern agriculture are reconstructed through digitization. In addition, digital technology promotes the integrated development of field planting, facility gardening, livestock and poultry breeding, intensive processing, recreational agriculture and rural tourism, boosting intelligent production, efficient management and convenient services of agriculture. Enterprises are guided to develop by use of numerical control and intelligent technology. A new foundation for manufacturing industry is established, which consists of automatic control and sensing technology, industrial software and hardware, and industrial internet platform. Digital collaborative upgrading of various links such as design, research and development, production, circulation, and sales is carried out, so as to meet the needs for individual customization of the market. The adaptation of consumption upgrade and innovation of production factor allocation mode also require the involvement of digital technology. Digitization can be seen in fields including services, trade and consumption, which promotes the digitalization, personalization and diversification of service products.