Tourist Industry


The promotion of “global tourism” has built Jilin Province into an important tourism hub in Northeast Asia. Great efforts have been made to build the brand of "Changbai Mountain", promote the construction of key tourism towns around Changbai Mountain, and boost the integrated development of regional tourism. A number of excellent tourist routes have been created, and construction of tourism industry cluster and ecological tourism towns is highlighted. Tourism in Jilin is made to feature such elements as holiday making, folk customs, agricultural experience, and special food. Actions are taken to boost border tourism between China and the DPRK, and between China and Russia. The construction of international tourism cooperation zone in the Tumen River Delta receives great attention. To develop and build a number of tourist destinations and scenic spots with international or regional influence is also on the agenda. Projects of expanding the tourism market are implemented, leading enterprises are supported, and social capital is encouraged to enter the tourist industry. Cities like Changchun and Yanji are made to offer 72-hour visa-free transit to ROK and Russian citizens.