Equipment Manufacturing Industry


As a traditional advantageous industry in Jilin Province, equipment manufacturing industry has developed into a comprehensive system, which, led by railway vehicles and high-end intelligent equipment, and propped up by basic components, lays major emphasis on traditional industries involving agricultural machinery, heat-exchange equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, and hoisting machinery. Manufacturing mode is expected to be changed through promoting the integrated application of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, 3D printing and individual customization in the whole manufacturing industry chain. Major attention has been paid to development of high-speed EMUs, electric railway passenger vehicles, urban rail vehicles, new metro vehicles, and export-oriented vehicles. The supporting capacity of the key components and parts has been improved in Jilin province because of perfected research and development ability. Jilin and Siping has been given strong backing to develop general aviation equipment and build industry cluster. Accelerating development of serial robot products is also listed on the agenda. Focusing on power machinery, combine harvesters, precision seeding and fertilization machinery, and scarification equipment, Jilin province is building a modern agricultural machinery industrial system. On the industrial basis of heat-exchange equipment, wind power and nuclear power equipment, natural gas equipment and construction machinery, the province is developing high value-added products.