Agricultural Products Processing


As an important agricultural province, Jilin is a key production base of commodity grain in China. The per capita share of grain and meat ranks the country’s first for many years in a row. Agricultural products processing is one of the province’s pillar industries. Commercialized quantity, export volume and per capita share of corn take the first place in China, and Changbai mountain specialty resources such as ginseng, forest frog, sika deer, mineral water and nuts enjoy regional advantages. An agricultural development pattern has taken shape in Jilin province, with the middle part featuring deep processing of food, livestock and poultry, the western part highlighting dairy products and green food processing, and the eastern part characterizes as ecological food processing area. Jilin is making efforts to build three deep processing sectors of grain, animal products and horticultural specialties, and accelerate the construction of a number of national and provincial demonstration zones and cluster parks, which are planned to facilitate agricultural product processing. Major enterprises engaged in corn deep processing are restructured, to expand the processing capacity and extend the industry chain moderately, and also to speed up use of cornstalks in a comprehensive manner and develop the whole plant economy of corn. Other actions include coordinating the development of raw material bases, processing bases and modern storage and logistics of agricultural and sideline products, implementing the projects themed as “safe meat” and “”safe rice” respectively, boosting the revival of ginseng industry and the construction of ten million tons of mineral water project, promoting the deep processing of fruit, wood, fungus, vegetables, forest frog, deer, poultry and fish, taking the lead in establishing a traceability system of agricultural products which monitors food safety, and building a high-level national green organic food base.