Western Ecology Economic Area

2019-11-28    JL.gov

There are 12 counties (cities, districts) in this area, including Baicheng, Songyuan, Nong'an and Shuangliao, with a land area of 55000 square kilometers. The area adheres to both restoration and construction, implements major projects such as river and lake connectivity, afforestation, sand control, and water and soil conservation, develops high-value and efficient ecology agriculture and featured industries, and builds an ecological barrier in the west of Jilin province. Establish an efficient ecological industry system, expand the planting area of forage and coarse grains, build a national production base and export base for high-quality livestock products and green specialty products, and vigorously develop advantageous industries, such as green agricultural products processing, oil and gas exploitation and processing, clean energy, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, and eco-tourism.