Central Innovation and Transformation Core Area

2019-11-28    JL.gov

This core area includes Changchun, Jilin, Siping and Liaoyuan, with strengthening the integration of science and technology in the market, and docking innovation in industry, to form a leading development of innovative economic model with innovation support. Build Changchun New Area and innovation platform carriers such as Changji Industrial Innovation and Development Demonstration Area, Changchun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area, Jilin Science and Technology Innovation City, promote the transformation of innovation resources and achievements to enterprises and parks, and create industrial innovation chains, such as new energy vehicles, rail cars, optoelectronics, medical health, big data, biochemical, and cultural, and form new point of economic growth. Relying on the key industrial parks along the traffic axis, we will speed up the connection and cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries, to foster and develop new economic corridors such as Changji, Changping, changliao and Changshong. Build regional highlands with innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial development, urbanization and open cooperation, promote the transformation of industry to high-end intelligent green, agriculture to high-quality and efficient scale, service industry to modern agglomeration and coordination, city to green intelligent humanity, cultivate industrial clusters such as automobile and agricultural product processing, and build industrial clusters such as special vehicles, heat exchanger, textile and hosiery industry, to form a new growth pole.