Eastern Green Transformation Development Area

2019-11-28    JL.gov

This development area is composed of 23 counties (cities and districts, including Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone), including Tonghua city, Baishan city, Yanbian city, Huadian city, and Panshi city, with adhering to both development and protection, and carrying out five major projects-internal and external linkages, ecological restoration and conservation, green industry, opening up of border, and large-scale tourism. Promote the infrastructure construction related to internal and external linkages and external land and sea intermodal routes and build a fast-track and highway network along the Southeast Ring Road. Vigorously develop green products such as green food, animal and plant health products and natural medicines, promote the sustainable use of mineral water resources and the intensive processing of animal and plant resources, and develop mineral products in an orderly manner. Push the development of industrial clusters and establish a green industrial system. Further open external linkage, vigorously develop border trade, build export bases for medicine, wood products, nuts, ginseng and new building materials, increase imports of aquatic products, wood, coal, fuel and natural gas, and strengthen economic cooperation and technological exchanges with Northeast Asian countries. Build a large-scale tourism pattern with integrating the tourism resources in the eastern region and cultivating excellent tourism routes.