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Jilin Province has abundant tourism resources, multifarious natural landscape and unique cultural landscape. One of “China's ten famous mountains” Changbai Mountain, one of the “four wonders of China" - Jilin Rime, world grade A wetland Xianghai, world cultural heritage Ji’an Koguryo Historical Site, the Puppet Manchukuo Palace Museum and China's largest movie theme park Changchun Movie Wonderland have become major attractions of Jilin tourism. Now, the province has formed ten major tourism products such as green ecology, ice and snow entertainment, spa resorts, historical sites, border scenery, folk customs, industry and agriculture tourism, film culture, Kanto cuisine and festival exhibition. Changchun Vasa International Cross-country Skiing Festival, Jilin International Rime Festival and Chagan Lake Winter Snow and Ice Fishing Festival have become well-known brands at home and abroad. There are 140 national grade A tourist attractions, including 3 grade AAAAA tourist attractions and 20 grade AAAA tourist attractions.  

Jilin fully implemented its plan to strengthen the tourism industry, speed up the development in tourism resources and investment, leading to flourishing development of tourism industry, constantly improvement in tourism environment and remarkable hike in market influence. In 2013, the province's tourism revenue totaled RMB 144.164 billion, growing 25.70%, equally over 11.37% of the province's gross output value.  

According to the opinions of Jilin Province on accelerating the construction of pillar industry - tourism, Jilin Province is promoting the construction of tourism industrial pattern "One circle and five areas", namely, eco-tourism circle around Changbai Mountain, leisure tourism resort with Changbai Mountain as its core, central modern metropolis tourist attraction centralized on Changchun and Jilin, ecotourism areas of western grassland and wetland focusing on Chagan Lake, Xianghai and Momoge, eastern border tourist attract focusing on Yanbian, Baishan and Tonghua, and Northeast Asia interstate tourist attraction in large Tumen River depending on China-Korea border. Jilin is quicken developing itself into a city famous for ecotourism tourism, ice tourism and summer resort, a model province for border tourism and also a destination of international regional leisure resort.  

Natural Landscape  

Changbai Mountain Scenic Area    It is a national Grade AAAAA tourist attraction and also one of top ten famous mountains in China. Changbai Mountain is the highest mountain in the Northeast Asian continent. It is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, with magnificent sceneries to be mystical, beautiful, primitive and natural. The majestic Changbai Mountain features in that “the grand mountain holding the Tianchi Lake, and the forest sea storing treasures”, and “one mountain with four seasons, and weather different in every ten miles”. It’s a land of wonder which attracts world attention. In summer 1983, Mr. Deng Xiaoping climbed up Changbai Mountain inscribing the words "Changbai Mountain, Heavenly Lake" on banners, and said emotionally, “it is a lifelong regret for one who has not climbed up Changbai Mountains”. Tianchi Lake, inlaid on top of the mountain, is the biggest crater lake in China and the most famous scenic spot in Changbai Mountain. The legend of "living monsters" adds mystery to the lake. Changbai Waterfall, located on a corner of Changbai Mountain, is just like a jade belt falling from the sky. It is the source of the Songhua, Tumen and Yalu rivers. Changbai Mountain Grand Canyon presents a vast desolate panorama, integrating strange peaks, rare rocks, quiet valleys, beautiful waters, ancient trees, and precious grasses.  

Jilin Rime  It takes place at the banks of the Songhua River, Jilin City. The pure and noble Jilin rime is called one of the four great natural wonders in China by right of its poetical conception like “the spring in winter”, enjoying equal fame as Guilin Mountains and Streams, Yunnan Stone Forest and the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River do. The diversity and uniqueness of Jilin rime which attracted millions of visitors at home and abroad, receiving very high comments. Every time the frost appears, it brings viewers to a poetic and artistic scene as if the spring breeze blew trees to blossom out silver flowers. In 1991, when Mr. Jiang Zemin, the former President, paid his visit to Jilin, he poetically praised the scenery of “frostclad willows on the banks of the cold river, trees with blossoms carved out of flawless white jade, Jilin’s frost fully wins its reputation.” He wrote another poem in 1998, “Frosted willow trees refresh everyday bright sunshine, flawless white jade trees give you full eyes’ spring. Such a beauty comes from dust, happiness comes from hard work.”  

Jingyuetan National Forest Park in Chuangchun  It is a national grade AAAAA forest park. Only 18 kilometers southeast to the downtown area, it is considered as "a rare and pure land in the metropolis". It is covered with green trees of more than 100 square kilometers and water surface of 430 hectares, makes it the biggest man-made forest in Asia. For a complete forest eco-system with over 30 categories of tree species, it is an excellent resort for summer vacation.  

Jilin Songhua Lake Scenic Area It is a national grade AAAA tourist attraction. Located in southeast of Jilin City, covering an area of 700 square kilometers, it is formed from damming up rivers to build Fengman Power Station in 1937. The dragon-shaped Songhua Lake boasts a wide water area and many lake ranges, and the complex of greenery and landscape of lakes and mountains overload the senses. The Songhua Lake has attracted numerous tourists at home and abroad for its superior geographical position, clear-cut four seasons, and majestic landscape of lakes and mountains. In 1988, the Songhua Lake was rated as one of national key scenic spots by the State Council.  

Xianghai National Nature Reserve It is a national grade AAAA scenic spot and also a national nature reserve. Among seven largest wetlands in China, Xianghai National Nature Reserve boasts the largest area and the most diversified living species. Hence it is assessed to be “a grade-A natural reserve with international importance” by the World Wildlife Fund and added in the "List of Wetlands of International Importance". It is located in the south of Xianghai reservoir at the northwest Tongyu County, Baicheng, Jilin Province, and borders on the east of Horqin Grassland, covering an area of 106,700 hectares. Well-known as "Changbai Mountain in East and Xianghai in West" in the province, Xianghai is a famous scenic spot which tourists can appreciate natural landscapes such as morass, birds and beasts, elm forests, swamps, apricot trees and fishing that are primitive to western grassland in China.  

Jilin Province has many other famous natural landscapes: Chagan Lake (Holy Lake), with a vast water, fish in flocks and flying water fowls, presents the typical character and style of the Mongolian nationality. Sanjiaolong Bay (Triangle Dragon Bay) in Huinan is a crater lake in the ancient times, with deep water and graceful scenery. In the Scenic Belt of the Yalu River in Ji’an, there is a beautiful and mysterious legend about Wunv Peak. Jiaohe Hongye Valley (Red Leaves Valley) has been far known as a featured scenic spot.  

Cultural Landscape  

The Puppet Manchurian Palace (Changchun Puppet Palace) is a national grade AAAAA tourist attraction and also a national excellent base of patriotic education. Located at north Guangfu Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province, the Puppet Manchurian Palace is a museum of palace ruins built on the former site of the puppet manchurian palace and also one of three palace sites still remaining in China. The Puppet Manchurian Palace is the site of the palace that Aisin Gioro Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, took office to be a puppet emperor for Manchukuo. It is also a historic witness that Japanese imperialism invaded and occupied the northeast China by means of military force and implemented the fascist colonial rule. The main body of the palace is a two-story building capped with yellow glazed tile, consisting of Qinmin Building, Jixi Building and Tongde Palace, which are of unique style and embody the Chinese and western architectural patterns.  

Eight ruling organs of the puppet Manchuria regime (Department of Public Security, Department of Justice, Department of Economy, Department of Transport, Department of Agricultural Promotion, Department of Diplomacy and Department of Livelihood), together with the Puppet State Council and Comprehensive Legal Office, are just located nearby Xinmin Street, Changchun. These diversified buildings integrating Chinese and Japanese styles have become the most important architectural and cultural heritages of Changchun City.  

Cultural Heritage of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom is a national grade AAAA tourist attraction. Located at Ji’an City, Jilin Province, it consists of inner city, City Site at Wandushan, 14 emperor's tombs and 261 noble tombs. It is the relics of the ancient Koguryo Kingdom, a slave state from the 1st to 7th century AD. The scenic area contains the Stele of Great King Haotaiwang, the General’s Tomb and the Qianqiu's Tomb, which are all of grand scale. The General’s Tomb is known as the "Oriental Pyramid". The tomb base is 31.58 meters long and 12.4 meters high each side, in a shape of square taper. It consists of 7 ladders, all of which are made of exquisite huge granite stripes by way of masonry. In more than 7 centuries, the ancient Koguryo Kingdom created the splendid cultures with minority characteristics and left behind the world-beating historical and cultural heritage and relics. In particular, firm mountain city, majestic mausoleum and ancient splendid tomb fresco became an integral part of Chinese civilization. On July 1, 2004, upon the deliberation and approval of the 28th Session of World Heritage Committee, the Relics of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom, together with its capital cities and tombs, located at Ji’an City of Jilin Province, was listed in the World Heritage List.  

Changchun Film Century City It is a national grade AAAA tourist attraction. Located at the bank of Jingyue Pool, it is the first world-class film theme park in China. The entertainment projects at Changchun Film Century City include four parts, innovative technology, thrill of danger, performing arts, and recreation. Based on the excellence of Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland, it is a city integrating the world's most advanced special-effect movies, such as laser floating films, dynamic dome films, three-dimensional giant-screen films, 4D special-effect films, and three-dimensional water-screen films, and also a wonderful land featuring participation, experience, interaction and appreciation. Its aim is to make tourists' dream come true and create a imaginary plant and a paradise of dreams for morality pursuit; hence it is reputed as the "World's City of Special-effect Films".  

Dunhua Jinding Buddha It is the world's largest sitting statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and also one of famous tourist attractions in the Northeast Asia. The Buddha is located on Liuding Mountain, a national grade AAAA scenic spot in Dunhua City. The statue is 48 meters high. Jinding Buddha faces south and stands back against the Mudan River, with Zhengjue Temple in front. Looking far Changbai Mountain, the Buddha and Giant Buddha in Hong Kong stand far apart facing each other, actually one Buddha and two statues, respectively seated in the south and north to bless China and enlighten worshippers from all corners of the country.

 (Updated to July 21, 2015)

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