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The level of medical service and health has evidently increased. Jilin Province's per capita life expectancy has risen up to 73.9 years, from 39 years before the founding of the People's Republic of China.  

The First Hospital of Jilin University (formerly the First Clinical Hospital of Norman Bethune Medical University) is a national comprehensive hospital of Grade A and Class-3. There have been 146,000 health technical staffs, including 62,000 practicing doctors and physician assistants and 52,700 registered nurses. Hospitals and health centers have had medical beds of 124,100. There have been 775 town-level hospitals with 17,800 beds and 19,200 hygienic technical staffs.  

The province has made periodical achievements in the national reform of medical and health system. The coverage rate of urban basic medical insurance program hits 95% and the participation rate of the new cooperative rural medical system has reached 99.55%; the standard for urban residents' basic medical insurance and governmental subsidy to the cooperative rural medical system hikes to RMB280 per person every year. The national basic medicine system is in full implementation.

(Updated to July 21, 2015) 
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